Full meet yuanxiao, celebrate reunion with joy!People in bincheng celebrate the festival like this…

Lights reflect thousands, reunion at this time.On the occasion of the Lantern Festival, bincheng units carried out a rich and colorful activities to welcome the Lantern Festival, let’s have a look…Xingang street Lantern Festival approaching, xingang street residents, veterans gathered in the street of the new era civilization practice.Beat drums, spread flowers, guess lantern riddles, we start thinking, laughter, hot colorful dumplings served on the table, a total of neighbors.Junjingwan community invited the district’s children, guess lantern riddles, tell folk customs, the community is drawing the Winter Olympics picture scroll, let the children write messages on the picture scroll, wish the Winter Olympics athletes get good results.In the hai Phong li community, we carried out a “strong body to help the Winter Olympics beaming yuanxiao” theme activities.The activity first let everyone know the winter Olympic Games sports in the form of knowledge question and answer, understand the meaning and spirit of the Winter Olympic Games.Community staff also planned rings, chopsticks into the basket, garbage classification, pearl travel thousands of miles and other competitions.We had a good time together in laughter.Dagang street on February 14, Chunhui Community organized district residents, children to carry out “do lanterns guess lantern riddles, parent-child joy celebrate the Lantern Festival” activities, to welcome the arrival of the festival.Shuguang community also organized community residents, party members, volunteers to carry out the “Yin Hu make Yuanxiao express love national wind Festival” activities.Activities set up to introduce the Lantern Festival traditions and customs, national style show, dumplings and other links.At the end of the activity, community workers packed the dumplings and sent them to the homes of the elderly and needy residents in the area, so that they also felt a care and joy of the festival.Hangu street recently, Hangu street Hongxiali community residents in the premise of epidemic prevention and control, spontaneous organization of yangko team, rehearsed early, during the Lantern Festival to give you a wonderful performance.Sonorous and powerful gongs and drums beat up, cheerful and light dance, actors wearing red yellow pants, holding large colorful fans, singing and dancing on the street, twisting the rich regional characteristics of the Yangko.All the way to laugh, send all the way blessing.Onlookers of children, the elderly, residents and friends are driven by the cheerful atmosphere, have to participate in them, so that the district residents really had enough yangko addiction.Chadian street Lantern Festival eve, Chadian street Chayuan li community held a celebration of the Lantern Festival “spread good family tradition Yang neighborhood warmth” theme activities.The staff of the community’s New Era Civilization Practice station, epidemic prevention volunteers and children gathered together to make lanterns and wrap tangyuan, and traditional folk customs came on stage one by one to celebrate the upcoming Lantern Festival in a lively and festive atmosphere.At the end of the activity, the community workers in the tea garden also brought cooked yuanxiao and consolation goods to visit and comfort some families who lost their only child.As the Lantern Festival is approaching on the 15th day of the first lunar month in Xinbei Streets, small towns in Europe and the United States, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, have held an online poetry reciting event called “Our Festival – Lantern Festival” to celebrate the Lantern Festival. Through the reciting voice of lang Lang, a young man in the district, we can pass on the strong Chinese feelings.Rongsheng community also held our festival — The Online activity of Guessing lantern riddles in the Lantern Festival, which brought a colorful spiritual and cultural feast to the community residents.Xinxinjiayuan community carried out “Celebrate yuanxiao inheriting family tradition virtue” family tradition story sharing activities.Community women volunteers in the activity, use simple language to participate in the activity of children and parents about their start-up story, and around what is Dan family precepts, passing on the importance of good family trait, and how to pass good Dan family precepts of preaching, encourage children to read more books and study more Chinese excellent traditional culture, the family virtues passed down.On the morning of February 12, Hujiayuan Sub-district office, in cooperation with Zhengzhuangzi Village and Tianzhuangzi Village, organized celebration activities such as making dumplings and guessing lantern riddles on the basis of implementing epidemic prevention and control measures, which not only enriched residents’ cultural life, but also made everyone feel the thick festive atmosphere.

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