Ke Xianye from the Stars: Express my thoughts with music

“We are together” cover news reporter Yan Wenwen Xunchao in Beijing “We are friends, we are sisters and brothers.We are strong, we are loving, and I will always be with you, together.”Ke Xianye sings softly, knowing everything about the song we Are Together, which he wrote himself. “I used piano, guitar, drums, strings and brass for this song…It’s just big, it’s Olympic.”Ke Xianye, who graduated from the Music department of the National Academy of Chinese Opera, suffered from autism since childhood.Autistic children are often trapped in their own worlds because they have difficulty communicating fully socially. They are also known as “star children”.But Ke was also lucky to have music.Together with his friends, he wrote a song titled “We Are Together” with the theme of the Winter Olympics.Cover News spoke with Ke and his mother, Jiao Shengmin, about Ke’s connection to the Olympics and the story behind the song.Ke xianye was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years old. His unsociable behavior at school left his family and teachers helpless.Later, Jiao shengmin could calm him down by putting on headphones and listening to music, leading him into the music world.Although she is unable to express herself verbally, Ke Xianye is highly sensitive to music and has a strong ability to distinguish between sounds.I also learned piano very fast, and passed the Piano Level 9 examination of the Central Conservatory of Music in my junior year.In the 2016 college entrance examination, Ke Xianye was admitted to the Music Department of The National Academy of Chinese Opera with the third place in her major.It should be known that Ke is not alone in his efforts to be admitted to college. In order to help him with his study, his parents and his mother tutored him all the way from primary school to senior high school.In college, Xiao Ke met good teachers and friends, so that he learned a lot.After graduation, he joined a small folk music choir called Yidou, most of whom were senior music teachers.Xiao Ke is both a chorus and a companion here.Her mother is very happy that Xiao Ke can join the chorus. The teachers in the chorus are friendly and tolerant. They rehearse once a week.Ke xianye’s relationship with the Olympics began in 2008 when he went to the Bird’s Nest with his mother to watch the Paralympics.After that, he devoted himself to music studies and paid little attention to sports for 12 years.To jiao’s surprise, Ke suddenly became interested in the Olympics in 2020.”Somehow he just got into the Olympics.Wasn’t the Tokyo Olympics postponed for a year?He’s been concerned since the postponement.”Jiao shengmin noticed the change in his son. “During the Tokyo Olympics, including the opening ceremony, there were many games, and he just sat there and watched, especially those games where The Chinese team won the gold medal. He was very excited and repeatedly watched some pictures of winning the gold medal.”In fact, ke began writing about sports before the Tokyo Olympics: “Before the Tokyo Olympics, he said he wanted to write a piano music for the Olympics, pure music.So I found a lot of Joe Hisaishi’s music, and asked him to listen to it and play it again and again. Ke’s imitation ability is very good. He referred to Joe Hisaishi’s style, and integrated some Japanese music elements, and wrote a song called My Youth My Dream, to pay tribute to those athletes who fought hard and fought hard.”After the test, Ke told his mother that he also wanted to write a song for the Beijing Winter Olympics in half a year. “He said he wanted to write something bigger,” he said.Therefore, Jiao shengmin collected a lot of old Olympic songs and let Ke listen to, learn and understand the patterns and phrases of Olympic songs. After studying these songs, Ke spent about two months to create “We Are Together”.”After ‘We Are Together’ was finished, and then he recorded it at home with his vocal teacher, but there was no transition modification, so even the breathing port was recorded in, but the song I think is still quite atmospheric, quite brilliant, very good.”Jiao said he was proud of his son’s creation. “I think he still has ideas when he creates. He just wants to express a brilliant, grand, solemn atmosphere, and I think he uses music to express it more accurately than his words.”Besides the Tokyo Olympics and Beijing Winter Olympics, Xiao Ke also wants to write songs for the Hangzhou Asian Games.”Some time ago, he said he wanted to sing for the Hangzhou Asian Games.He told me he wanted to incorporate elements of West Lake.So he found three tang poems and made three children’s songs to promote the Hangzhou Asian Games and the West Lake.”In Jiao shengmin’s opinion, music is very important for the growth of his son. It is not only his spiritual sustention, but also promotes the growth of his son and helps Ke to pass on his ideas:”When he was free, he could play the piano, a harder piece, a less played piece, and he was very focused and involved himself.And music helps him communicate his ideas.”Ke Xianye has joined many music platforms. Jiao Shengmin believes that this is the unique way for Ke to communicate with the outside world. She does not need face to face, but communicates with the outside world through her works.At ordinary times, Xiao Ke’s favorite pianist is Richard Clayderman and plays his works the most.In addition, he will not miss the classical masters, like Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy’s works, xiao Ke is very fond of.”It’s kind of out of fashion now, but he likes it.”Jiao said that apart from classical music, sometimes Ke also pays attention to some popular music. “He listens to some popular music on the Internet, such as those in the TOP charts, and he not only listens to it himself, but also tries to create some works.”In the spring of 2020, when Ke xianye was about to graduate, the COVID-19 outbreak suddenly broke out.His father is from Hubei, which is also his hometown, so he wrote a song called Hold on Hubei.The song was also released on their school’s official wechat account and received a good response.”There is also a song called ‘Light Wind and Light Clouds’, which is his new song and has a beautiful melody.”Jiao Shengmin regret for this song is not to go to the recording studio recording, “recording a song is also very expensive, so after writing out, xiao Ke he is to get it, find a virtual voice to sing out, if some good singers to sing, in fact, this song is very good.”Parents cannot accompany their children all their lives. I hope they can be independent in the future.My greatest hope is that he is a normal person, I even dream that he is a normal person.In fact, the child is still unable to be independent, and in fact, it is very difficult to survive in society.”Therefore, Jiao shengmin hopes his son can support himself with music in the future. “I think he is good at music, so I hope he can continue to go on the road of music. As for how far he can go, it’s up to him to see.”And xiao ke his hope is to continue their education and learning, but want to pass the exam is almost impossible, so JiaoShengMin hope to have more musicians to understand and pay attention to xiao ke, can in the composing way of xiao ke gives guidance: “if we can have different composers like xiao ke guidance, he will be bigger, the progress of his own are relatively difficult.I hope xiao Ke will continue to accumulate and make progress, learn more and more of the experience and essence of composers, and go on the road of composing music with solid steps to create more and better music works.”Cover News: You wrote the song “We Are Together” for the Winter Olympics. What do you want to express?Ke Xianye: Athletes who express faster, higher, stronger and more united.The orchestration of songs for piano, guitar, drum, string and brass highlights the atmosphere of the Olympic Games.Cover news: Why so much attention to the Olympics?Ke Xianye: I found that the gap between the Tokyo Olympics and the Beijing Winter Olympics was originally one and a half years, but because of the epidemic, the Tokyo Olympics was postponed for one year, so the gap between the Tokyo Olympics and the Beijing Winter Olympics is only six months now.This is the first time since 1992 that the Olympic And Winter Games have been separated by half a year.In The Tokyo Olympics, I did my Youth and My Dreams, and in the Beijing Winter Olympics, WE are Together.Cover story: What do you like about the Olympics?Ke Xianye: Swimming, track and field, ball games, especially the Chinese team, rowing and other competitive sports. I want to watch skiing and skating in the Beijing Winter Olympics.Cover story: Will you pay special attention to the Winter Olympics?Ke Xianye: Now I have started to remember all their schedules and competition dates.The water Cube has been turned into an ice cube, the swimming pool has been turned into a curling venue, and the basketball court has been turned into a hockey arena.Ke Xianye’s mother: He made a video for “We Are Together”, using these pictures, the scenes of the stadium changed greatly.Cover news: What’s your favorite line from “We’re Together”?Ke xianye :(singing) we are friends, we are sisters and brothers.We are strong, we are loving, I will always be with you, together.Cover news: How did this piece come about?Ke Xianye: I just listened to other Olympic songs and incubated for some time before I wrote this song.Cover News: Do you find composing hard?Does it take long?Ke Xianye: No.A week is so fast.Cover News: Why Study Music?Ke Xianye: I started to learn the electronic organ when I was young, and then I switched to piano. Finally, I passed the Piano Level 9 examination of the Central Conservatory of Music. Then I learned the violin, drums and guitar.I can do pop music with piano, guitar, bass, drums, and strings.I’m not very good at communicating with others. I use music to express my ideas.Cover News: What are your aspirations for 2022?Ke Xianye: In the New Year, I still need to compose and study.

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