Medal tally: South Korea ranked first with 2 golds and 3 silvers, China ranked second with 2+1+1, Netherlands and Italy were the dark horses

As the end of the 1500 – meter women’s short track speed skating last night, now the Olympics are short track speed skating race is all over, in a total of nine project, 27 of the medal is also been eight countries share, the winter games short-track speed skating is also have a lot of topics, and at the end of the game we also did a little summary and medal rankings,Short track speed skating rankings alone!In the last day of the game, South Korea is also a lot of harvest, they in the men’s 5000 meters relay, the south Korean team won the silver medal, and in the end, the women’s 1500 meters final Cui Minjing also showed strength in this project, she finally also successfully defending, so, South Korea at the Olympics are short track speed skating competition,In total, she won two gold and three silver MEDALS, ranking first among all countries.China operations at home, the first champion mixed relay, Wu Dajing led the team won the gold medal, and then the men’s 1000 m final, all and cb’s performance is very good, finally two people also scored the gold and silver, and in the women’s 3000 meters relay, the Chinese team is also the last moment beyond, won a precious silver medal,China also won two gold, one silver and one bronze MEDALS in short track speed skating, ranking second.The Netherlands became the dark horse of this Winter Olympic Games, their leader Shulting also played well, in the women’s 1,000m final and the 3,000m relay, is to help the team to win the gold medal, the Netherlands and China, also won 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal outstanding results.As the host country of the next Winter Olympics, Italy won one gold, two silver and one bronze medal. Fontana also won a precious gold medal for Italy in the women’s 500m final.Canada and Hungary also have gold MEDALS, while the Russian Olympic Committee and Belgium also have MEDALS.The short track speed skating Olympic winter games, the strength of the national team is also very average, a total of six countries share the 9 gold MEDALS, the Chinese team in South Korea, under the guidance of coach viktor ahn and Jin Shantai also played very well, but also appear the situation of the lack of reserve personnel, we are also hope the Chinese team in the future will continue in the short track speed skating.

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