Board listed the first out of the view of defense was allowed to land science and technology innovation board

On March 31, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a decision on the listing of Guandian Defense to the Science and Technology Innovation Board, and agreed to the listing of Guandian Defense to the science and technology Innovation Board, which also marked the official release of the first shares to be listed on the board.Experts believe that the successful board transfer of Guandian Defense is of great significance to the construction of the capital market. As the first enterprise to realize board transfer in practical level, it has become a demonstration case of effective connectivity between China’s multi-level capital markets, making the multi-level capital market truly become an organic whole.At the same time, this case provides a new reference example for high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve development with the help of the capital market, opens up a channel for private and small and medium-sized enterprises to grow, gives play to the demonstration effect of leading enterprises, and helps to further stimulate the market vitality.The reason why Guandian Defense can become A shares “board first” is closely related to its capital road.Guandian Defense is one of the “first batch” of companies listed on the BSE.As for the reasons for applying for board transfer, Gao Ming, chairman of Guandian Defense, said, first of all, the company has further developed and expanded its business through public offering and financing of selected layer, meeting the requirements for board transfer and listing of science and Technology Innovation Board.Secondly, the company attaches more importance to the cluster effect of science and technology enterprises. Abundant capital liquidity can further show enterprise value and improve future financing efficiency.Finally, the company believes that the broader platform of science and technology innovation Board can further enhance the visibility of the enterprise, help the enterprise to further collect talents and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the market.It took 99 days from the submission of the application to the successful completion of the conference.From the official acceptance to the successful meeting, 78 days, including only 36 days of audit.”The Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a decision on guandian Defense board to be listed on the Science and technology Innovation Board, and the company will be directly listed next.”An insider familiar with the audit process told reporters.According to Zhao Liang, head of the growth enterprise financing department of Citic Securities and sponsor representative of Guandian Defense, he participated in sponsoring a number of companies to go public on the science and technology innovation Board, but the review of the transfer board listing is different from the review of the initial public offering. The review focuses on the nature of enterprises’ science and technology innovation and the production and operation situation after the public offering.For the selected layer of listing has been concerned about the company’s history, accounting policies and other conventional questions no longer repeated inquiries.The questions are of great significance and pertinence, which not only reduces the burden of repeated disclosure of enterprises, but also facilitates the disclosure of important information for investors to make decisions.In addition, according to the requirements of regulatory authorities, the disclosure contents of major events and other chapters are easier to understand, which further improves the quality of information disclosure.Mr Zhao added that the sse had greatly improved the efficiency of its audit through several rounds of written and on-site consultations.Especially in the epidemic period, the first single transfer board audit can be so fast, which reflects the work paradigm of “open door audit”.

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