Recommend a few unforgettable web god works, read once is cool text, read ten times is classic

Pay attention to small S, every day to bring you boutique novel recommendation!Today, to recommend you a few unforgettable web god, read once is cool text, see ten times is classic!1, the magic of the day, author: forget language, this book words: 4.846 million wordsA fisherman’s young grew up in countless men, from the land of prisoners escaped after the ascension, coincidence of another in identity, into a uniting the Pope door, from now on an unimaginable world opened the door to him, but by default, the insane, and have to face at any time may lose incarnation into a monstrous fiend killed crisis wonderful comments on:This is a work that seeks to break through after forgetting the language of ordinary people, but it fails to break away from the rut of ordinary people in the end.But this book has much to recommend it compared with its predecessor, “The Gate to the Dark World.”What impressed me most about this book is that ye Tianmei, the female character, got a good name and also wrote the elegant style of the female swordsman. In general, this is a fairy tale that looks cool but doesn’t feel white.2, super big flicker, author: Chang Shuxin, the book words: 1.589 million words content brief introduction: go to school by second-rate school flicker, learn without merit, sad……Employment was cheated by a stupid company, youth hopeless, very sad……The date was fooled by the unscrupulous girl, love disappointed.The giant miserable…Buying a car and being cheated by dishonest businessmen, life despair, sad promotion, cup……Wonderful comments: this book is a network work but it is the entity style, but also the entity level, reading at the same time can learn a lot of things, different people can get different feelings, rare is the plot smooth and compact, it is excellent.His books focus on the characters in the middle and lower classes of society. The protagonists in the books are not so awesome because they are the protagonists. Most of the time, they make you look depressed, but they also have a strong sense of empathy and impact.3, the devil, the author: against heaven, the book words: 3.461 million words content introduction: cowardly young, step by step beyond the self, to evil, to the legend of the devil……Wonderful review: leading role decisive, belly black not hypocritical, brutal not artificial, like the title is a big devil.It was a book that I enjoyed at that time, and I still remember many of the plots in it — for example, several teachers of the protagonist in the early stage, the growth history of the little skeleton summoned by the protagonist, and the Chinese zombies summoned by the protagonist…Western magic meets Chinese fantasy, it’s wonderful, the world system is wonderful and that’s all for this issue, we’ll see you next time.If you like my article, please like it, bookmark it and follow me!(Small program has been added here, please go to toutiao client to view)

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