State Grid Tangshan Power Supply Company transmission Inspection Center: intelligent inspection, enabling combat “epidemic” power protection

On March 31, in its transmission inspection centre, tangshan power supply company as the centralized monitoring class monitor Guo Chenchen on uav operation platform, press the start button, within one hundred kilometers of caofeidian industrial zone intelligent air station, a drone rose slowly from the machine nest, along the route start executing transmission lines inspection tasks independently.This is a bright performance of digital inspection technology in epidemic prevention and control.On March 19, after the outbreak of the epidemic in Tangshan city, the Transmission line operation and inspection Center of State Grid Tangshan Power Supply Company immediately formulated the transmission line operation and maintenance plan and emergency plan during the epidemic prevention and control period. Relying on digital inspection means, the staff shortage was overcome and the power supply in special period was ensured.Fan Jiangtao, an employee of state Grid Tangshan Power Supply Company, checks the operation of power transmission lines on March 28, 2019.(Guo Chenchen) Made urgent deployment and quickly adjusted inspection strategies. “All teams and groups should focus on strengthening inspection frequency of routes of important places for epidemic prevention and control, such as hospitals, nucleic acid testing points and centralized isolation points, and shorten the time between rounds.”On March 19, Tian Qingsheng, director of the Power Transmission Inspection Center, made arrangements for work during the epidemic in the form of an online working meeting.On the same day, the transmission transportation inspection center immediately set up a 24-hour standby emergency repair team composed of 30 people, in the shortest time to complete the spare parts, spare parts, emergency repair equipment and other emergency repair materials;Power transmission lines ranging from 35 kv to 220 kv within the jurisdiction were sorted out and classified as important. Eighteen important power transmission lines involving government departments, people’s livelihood protection units and epidemic prevention units were added to the “special inspection list” to comprehensively investigate hidden dangers.As of March 31, more than 1,404 rounds of the “special inspection list” lines have been inspected, and more than 30 hidden dangers have been found and contacted with local units.Nie Peng, an employee of state Grid Tangshan Power Supply Company, checks the operation of the power transmission line he is in charge of.”Although inspectors can’t go to the scene to patrol the line, but with the help of ‘clairvoyant’, they can know the situation of each line like the back of their hand with only a smartphone.”Guo Chenchen introduction, relying on transmission during outbreak panoramic application platform can carry out the “remote” tour, tower on camera to wildfires around transmission lines, foreign bodies, and real-time monitoring of the large machinery operation etc, then data back to the mobile terminal, operations staff even “never leave home can have lines running status.In addition, relying on the advantages of uav remote centralized control system, the power transmission Transportation and Inspection Center conducted remote and autonomous inspection of important epidemic prevention lines in Caofeidian “UAV Grid Autonomous Inspection Demonstration Area”, completing the inspection tasks with high standards and multi-dimensions.So far, transmission shipment inspection centre through the centralized monitoring system to reduce the four 35 kv line, 170, 110 kv lines, 171, 220 kv lines 78 uninterrupted round tour, using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) patrol tower 80 Yu Ji, overcome during the outbreak site supervising personnel shortage of time, to ensure the safe and stable operation of transmission lines.On March 31, Guo Chenchen, head of the centralized monitoring team at the Transmission inspection Center of Tangshan Power Supply Company of State Grid, used a drone to conduct a remote inspection of transmission lines 100 kilometers away.(Fan Jiangtao) Party members take the lead, play a leading role in the flag “110 kv car eight line 40 tower like a foreign body, please handle as soon as possible.”At 9:00 a.m. on March 28, Nie Peng, a home-based employee, sent the information of the hidden danger of the line monitored remotely to the work group. Zhao Xiaofeng, the monitor of maintenance Class 1 of the transmission Transportation and Inspection Center, quickly formulated the hidden danger elimination plan, sorted out the foreign body handling tools, started to issue the work ticket, and completed all the preparation work within 10 minutes and went to the site.After the outbreak of the epidemic on March 19, Zhao Xiaofeng “gave up his home to care for everyone” and volunteered to return to the company for closed duty. Based on his own experience, he prepared the emergency plan for transmission lines and completed a number of on-site hidden dangers with other colleagues on duty.It took Zhao and his colleagues three times as long to get to work because of the inconvenience of traveling during the epidemic.On the road they also received 110 kv Hongzhang second line 25 tower and 35 kv small too line 69 rod B phase foreign body notice, so no rest and hurried to the next location, because three hidden dangers are distributed in two different counties, they will eventually eliminate hidden dangers after 12 hours to return to the company.(Correspondents Wang Pengxu, Fan Jiangtao)

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