Wechat government has served 1 billion users in seven years, and will pay more attention to humanization, intelligence and openness in the future

In the recently held in “detail” as the theme of the 2022 WeChat PRO on public class, WeChat pay government affairs director tan jun, WeChat Gu Haijun operations director, open platform industry WeChat open platform, head of the city service Xue Kai swimming in the media in an interview, in 2021, WeChat urban services more than 200 million active users, and maintain rapid growth.City service has cooperated with more than 5,000 government institutions to provide tens of thousands of services to hundreds of millions of wechat users.In the past seven years, it has served nearly 1 billion users and provided nearly 80 billion services.In view of the increasing trend of elderly users, iN recent years, wechat has continued to invest in improving product experience, including visual optimization, voice search, intelligent customer service, etc., to reduce the threshold of service;We are also exploring ways to support more helpers, agents and legs-running services and guidance services, so that the elderly can get help from more relatives and friends around them to get things done.Xue Kai Ying, the person in charge of urban services on wechat Open platform, explained that in terms of urban services, wechat has made some visual and auditory upgrades based on the interface level this year, including some basic visual transformation to follow the aging of wechat clients and voice search, which are actually capable of supporting.”We have also been exploring internally whether we can get closer to our business to help the elderly and make it more convenient when dealing with government affairs and people’s livelihood, and we are also exploring some directions.”Xue Kai Ying, head of urban services on the open platform of wechat, explained that wechat has made efforts in various aspects to make urban services more friendly to the elderly.For example, to further reduce the threshold of handling affairs, under the general premise of compliance, wechat is committed to providing the ability and service of assisting, acting on behalf of agents.Or through linkage between several parties and some ecological, to some basic or the high frequency of the old man’s house need to do a few things to make guidance, convenient old man based on guidelines do simple things, and even can be the guide to your son and daughter, even some people nearby, help the elderly make things better, this is a city service in do and exploring.Wechat open platform industry operations director Gu Haijun said, from the whole wechat ecology, but also in the design of aging transformation.”In addition to visual, large font and so on, we are in many functional scenes, such as medical treatment, in addition to allowing the elderly to handle their own, we are also considering the binding of medical insurance cards and receiving medical information, etc.”Gu haijun said, in fact, many things do not need to be handled by the elderly, but their children can help.However, these operations need to use the identity of the elderly, so we hope to introduce concepts such as family account, which will also become the focus of wechat’s future work direction.In the post-epidemic era, when epidemic prevention and control became normal, wechat also developed a series of new ecosystems in government affairs and people’s livelihood in response to new trends.And these constantly emerging new things, on behalf of wechat open platform and the whole society to enhance the compatibility.”For example, in the nucleic acid test registration scene, the small program has replaced the link of filling in personal information and input by staff. The original 20-minute work can be completed only by scanning the code.”But let wechat open platform industry operations director Gu Haijun is more gratified, from all levels of government to the private sector, this epidemic prevention tool is constantly being innovated.”Also, there are cities that may not be top-tier, first-tier, second-tier, developed regions that are leading the way in this innovation.”Gu haijun believes that the fairness and efficiency that we have always advocated are now being presented more through digital government governance.From the perspective of post-epidemic consumption coupons, Tan Mingjun, the official in charge of wechat Payment affairs, expounded a point of view: In fact, some small tools born due to epidemic prevention and control can be further improved to realize the data opening behind them, so as to serve the common people at a higher level.In 2020, in order to stimulate consumer demand, many places issued a large number of consumer coupons through wechat Payment.In the construction of wechat consumer securities, wechat has always been adhering to the principle of long-term.”It is our hope that the issuance of coupons will not come like a flood and then pass without a trace.”Tan Mingjun introduced that wechat hopes to issue a consumer voucher every time, can give businesses and the government precipitation out of long-term data that can be used, long-term retention of customers, and even can explore some new business models.In the question session, some reporters expressed concern about wechat’s security measures in carrying out government services.Compliance has long been the top issue in wechat’s cooperation with the government, several officials said.Gu Haijun said that wechat has long paid special attention to the protection of user privacy and personal information when making products.”This year is also the year that the Personal Information Protection Law was introduced, so the protection of personal information has become our daily work.”According to the law, the team will study which of its actions can be authorized, Gu said.In the face of an increasingly tight environment, wechat city service will provide more targeted services according to the requirements of various government customers in the future.Tan Mingjun introduced that wechat is not limited to a business line when it faces government services.”Take social security payment as an example, he uses the ability of wechat payment, but also the ability of small programs, and will put this business online to our city service providers.”Tan Mingjun believes that the whole wechat is actually an ecological whole, wechat will be based on their own business scope, to the government output some tool modules.Governments can combine these different tool modules to suit their needs.So there is a lot of cooperation and collaboration between various teams within wechat.”You can understand that we are actually the whole big wechat team to face the government, or even that we are actually a big team of Tencent to face the government to cooperate.”Xue Kai said that this year has been the seventh year of wechat city service.For a long time in the past, wechat has been doing some basic government infrastructure services, such as face verification and real-name verification.And this year, wechat will be more from the user’s point of view, return to the original intention, spend more effort to help users quickly do things.”So in this process, we are also exploring whether we can have some new cooperation models with the government, with our service providers and more ecological partners, and whether it is possible to build a knowledge base of government affairs and people’s livelihood with more regions or more ecological partners.”Xue Kai Young said.

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