Xi ‘an snow and ice series activities and Baqiao district national ski fun competition held

In order to promote the development of ice and snow sports in Xi ‘an, create a strong atmosphere for the whole society to participate in ice and snow and support the Winter Olympics, and contribute to the successful hosting of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.On February 16th, xi ‘an snow and ice series activities and the 2022 Baqiao District National Skiing Fun Competition were held in Baluyuan Ski Resort sponsored by Xi ‘an Municipal Bureau of Sports and undertaken by Baqiao District Culture and Tourism And Sports Bureau, Baqiao District Health and Health Bureau, Baqiao District Bailu Original Administrative Committee and Dizhai Sub-district Office.Under the theme of “Happy and healthy New Year, ice and snow Sports are on fire”, more than 40 ice and snow enthusiasts will be invited to participate in four events, including skiing, snow tug of war, snow circle relay and ice and snow dragon boat.In the skiing event, participants broke the wind and marched forward, showing speed and passion. The snow tug-of-war was equally wonderful, with shouts, cheering and cheers. The snow circle relay and ice and snow dragon boat event were also lively and full of laughter.”We are delighted to be part of this event, as the Beijing Winter Olympics are underway and we are supporting the Games in our own way.””Said one player.In recent years, xi ‘an sports in-depth implementation of the “national fitness” and “health” of China national strategy, actively calls “three hundred million people on the ice and snow”, vigorously promote the development of the popularity of snow and ice project, has conducted a diversity of activities, let the ice and snow sports implementation from scratch, from single to multiple, from the “cold” movement to the “hot” transformation of the project,It has effectively promoted the development of the city’s ice and snow sports, expanded the participation of ice and snow sports, made more people feel the charm of ice and snow sports, and created a strong atmosphere of “everyone participates in ice and snow, everyone helps the Winter Olympics”.Relevant officials of the Ba Qiao District Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau, which organized the event, said that the Ba Qiao District will take the Opportunity of the Winter Olympics to continue to organize and carry out events for the convenience of the people and actively plan the development of ice and snow sports in the post-Winter Olympics era.Article/Xi ‘an Press all media reporter Yan Bin photo/Xi ‘an Press all media reporter Zhang Yong

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