Christy Chung, 51, who is suspected to be pregnant with four children, said she had a younger brother and was still plump in her dress

On January 25, popular actress Rita Chung posted a video of her two daughters interacting with each other on social media, with the hashtag “brother”, which seems to show that she is pregnant with her fourth child.At that time, The two daughters of Christy Chung were choosing their favorite hairpins, wearing a festive red dress, loose a head of long hair, tall and long figure, has grown into a big girl.Christy Chung, who was standing in the back, suddenly appeared and surprised her daughters with a gentle tap on the head.The girls looked back at their mother, stunned, covering the backs of their heads with big smiles.It’s not uncommon for Chung to interact with her three daughters, who have already gone viral on the Internet. But what’s interesting is that she captioned the video “Only a brother can make a video”, sparking speculation that chung is pregnant with her fourth child, a boy.Many netizens left comments below asking if there was any good news for Christy Chung.In the face of everyone’s enthusiasm, Chung ignored them all, only replying to a comment praising her daughter.This attitude of neither admitting nor denying makes us more suspicious.On January 24, she was spotted wearing a bodice dress, showing off her cleavage, and her figure was still plump.In order to show her curves, Chung squatted down to take photos, revealing the extreme sexy of a woman with a narrow waist and wide hips.A close look at Christy Chung’s lower abdomen, there is some fat, but can not be sure that is caused by pregnancy.Time to go back, on January 18, Chung and her friend Li Ruotong went skiing, which has been a relatively exciting sport.This shows that the probability of pregnancy is not great.In fact, I can’t blame you for thinking too much. It’s Christy Chung who has been eager to have a child these years.She has three daughters from two previous marriages and has been slow to conceive since marrying Zhang lunshuo.Chung liti and Zhang Lunsuo’s biggest wish is to have a child of their own, but she has a slim chance of pregnancy at 51.On the other hand, it is also because of the “pressure” of Christy Chung’s mother-in-law. She even said in the program that if Christy Chung really did not have children, she would be very sorry and unhappy.Earlier, there were also media photos of Rita Chung and Zhang Lunshuo going to Putuo Mountain to pray for a child. Later, Rita Chung also responded to this matter, because She is the only child in her family, and her mother-in-law’s family is more traditional, so she still hopes to have a child.Of course, Christy Chung loves children herself.Christy Chung has finally found a happy family, anyway, I hope she can get what she wants.

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