Football association salary limit why clubs have opposed?Players’ salaries should be tied to tournament results

China super limit salary, why clubs have opposed?Football association salary limit at the same time, should implement performance assessment of players, must not let this world preliminary defeat, National football still can lie earn 18 million yuan joke repeat!The Chinese Football Association (CFA) is considering a new salary cap that will cut the salary of players in the Chinese Super League (CSL) from 5 million yuan to 3 million yuan before tax.The cfa had originally intended to reduce the maximum salary for local players to 2 million yuan before tax, but was forced to settle for a second place after almost all CSL clubs opposed the cap.The Chinese Football Association implemented the salary limit, which is intended to help clubs reduce the operating burden, but why are the clubs not grateful, and the mass opposition?The reasons are as follows: first, the fear of the loss of the main force, the morale of the army and the wage reduction is too ruthless, small clubs worried about the lack of competitiveness and attraction, leading to the loss of the main players to the big club, leading to the morale of the army and the club can not survive.Although the football Association limits the salary, the strong teams can compensate the players by setting winning prizes, advertising endorsements, household registration, housing and other conditions, making the salary limit become a waste paper.Smaller clubs, on the other hand, risk poaching and cannibalising their foundations.Before that, the FOOTBALL Association has carried out the salary limit twice, the club players have different contracts, the implementation of the original contract players of the high income and the new contract players of the “low income” huge difference, easy to destroy the harmonious atmosphere within the team, causing the team instability.In fact, the reason why salary limit has become a national concern at present is closely related to the “high salary and low ability” of players to a large extent. The world preliminary results are in a terrible state, and Asia has been reduced to a third-rate level, which is quite different from the results obtained by China women’s Football Team in the World Cup qualifying and Asian Cup.At the same time, however, it is ironic that the national team still earns 18 million yuan in prize money and enjoys a huge training subsidy despite being eliminated from the preliminary round of the World Cup, which naturally leads to public discontent and criticism.China super limit salary trend, even if reduced to 3 million, also far higher than Japan and South Korea and other Asian leagues.However, the salary limit, the football association should also consider the implementation of player performance examination system, refinement of Asian cup, World Cup, Olympic Games, Asian champions and other competition results and income linked rewards and punishments, and according to the competition record division grade award, must not engage in a big pot of rice, repeat the world preliminary defeat can still lie earn 18 million yuan joke!# Mediaman Weekly # The fa’s desire to cap salaries at 2 million met with a collective backlash

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