Gongsun from pink epic raid, Sun Ce doomsday mecha official announcement, net friend: finally don’t rely on his wife

Wen │ │ Kerr game said the original king of glory these two days more lively, out of the yao and yunzhong jun’s new skin, also with xiaoqiao and Zhou Yu’s Valentine’s Day skin ushered in the encore.And in addition, in the near future there are netizens broke the news that Sun Shangxiang has a new skin, this skin is her Princess Tianzhu, according to the netizens broke the news, this is a pink skin.In addition, sun Ce’s Armageddon machine has been revealed recently. This skin, which has long had news, has also decided to go online in the near future. The official has revealed the special effects of this skin video and the finished product effect.What’s going on? Let’s take a look.Gongsun from pink epic raid Gongsun from a long time have no new skin, but Gongsun from the players are not worried, because they know that sooner or later she will have a new skin online, this new skin is her princess.As the fourth version of journey to the West linked skin, it has taken nearly half a year for this skin to be revealed. There was also news about this skin before, but it was confirmed to be false.The skin has previously been revealed, pictured above, in yellow western-style clothing.Although it is not clear where this image comes from, the credibility is undoubtedly very high, because the princess Tianzhu in the 86 edition of Journey to the West is this image, so we can confirm that this skin is this image.And in the recent netizen broke the news that princess Tianzhu is the image in the picture above, this news is false news, king of Glory is certainly not out of this image of the skin.Princess Tianzhu is now from the online is not long time, if fast, may be online in this month, slow at the latest next month.Sun Ce recently added a new skin, this skin is doomsday, belongs to Sun Ce doomsday machine.Officials have announced that Sun Ce has acquired a fabled version of The Doomsday skin, which will be available online on the 18th of this month.The quality of this skin is also worthy of the Mecardoom series.The big trick is to open the ship, and there will be eggs, in the process of flying through the change of color, look more realistic.Then the special effects of other skills are also reflected in the mecha style, special effects have a strong mecha element, is a good quality legend skin.Sun Ce can get this machine Doomsday, for Sun Ce players can be said to be a very good news, because Sun Ce in addition to the accompanying skin, only one epic skin named Cat and Dog Diary, this skin is really good quality, also launched the Christmas star yuan.Until now a lot of players also on The Sun Ce and Big Joe Christmas star is very looking forward to, because it is limited time to sell, the general situation can not buy.Contrast big Joe and Sun Ce heat, the main official is also to give big Joe out of the skin, and Sun Ce’s new skin is incidentally, so some players joke that Sun Ce is also relying on a woman out of the skin.So the launch of Sun Ce’s Mecha doomsday is also to let Sun Ce get their first legend, and according to the quality of the official Revelations, Sun Ce’s mecha doomsday quality is still good.But in spite of this, there are also players joking to this is not to see a woman, although not a wife, but also a sister ah (Sun Shangxiang) ~ of course, this is just joking, generally speaking, players for Sun Ce doomday mecha or very satisfied, after the launch of sales should really be good.Can have words according to the recent king of glory dynamic point of view, the recent official launch of a lot of skin is also very much, players for these skin is very much looking forward to, which xiaoqiao and Zhou Yu’s pure white flower married this lottery official can also be said to have earned a lot.Although the raffle has not been taken down yet, officials have also announced the launch of a new Legend of Sun Ce.And the following large probability also has the journey to the West series skin, which Gongsun from the Princess Tianzhu is in the queue.In addition, it was recently revealed that the love of Luna’s life will be back on 15th, so if this skin comes back, will you buy it?Feel free to comment in the comments section

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