In the mountains (three),

Unfortunately, on that day, the house was not open for maintenance and I could not enter the hospital.Unfortunately, many people in the surrounding village have overhauled and built a lot of two-storey buildings, missing the original appearance of the ancient village.I am full of lost standing in front of the former residence of Ma Zhiyuan, a long time mood can not calm.The former residence of such an important celebrity is not well protected and has few visitors.Is it true that our fine traditional culture has declined?Is it really going to be ruined by our generation?At the beginning, Ma Zhiyuan, Guan Hanqing and a large number of literati, under the rule of a foreign nation can create so many far-reaching eternal masterpieces.A few hundred years later, it would be difficult to compare to our predecessors?Although I am just a junior high school graduates of ordinary retired workers, but in the heart of the emotion makes me unable to stop, bold fu seven words poem two.(1) Autumn is a continuous visit to distant mountains.(Ma Zhiyuan character Dongli.)Hidden in the peaks, hidden in the mountains and mohai.Three generations of prose qi brilliant, a swan dance lightly.Waiting for you for a long time in front of the door, only hate no hand.(2) The old house is preserved in Luanpo Village, which is under the bridge in front of the Yang Clear stream.The west wind road horse difficult negative, old trees withered rattan birds easy habitat.Late life Shuli Yin mode far, great changes in ancient villages.By Ma Zhiyuan’s former residence back outside the village, a Jingxi ancient road on the roadside.There was a temporary house at the junction with a railing across the front.There was a female villager in the room, who stopped me when I wanted to enter the ancient road. She could only release me after paying ten yuan.Can’t help but think of the water margin, this tree is planted by me, this road is open to me, if you want to live from now on, take out the money to buy the road.In the era of opening-up and economic development, we simple mountain people have become close to money.I do not know ma Zhiyuan spring has spirit, do what feeling.In desperation, had to spend money to buy peace, paid ten yuan, along the ancient road towards mentougou water valley mouth and go.Beijing wake the guest

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