On February 2, nine local confirmed cases and one asymptomatic case were reported in Guangdong

According to the Guangdong Health Commission, there were 9 new local confirmed cases in the province from 0 to 24 o ‘clock on February 2, including 4 in Shenzhen, 1 in Huizhou and 4 in Yunfu.A new asymptomatic COVID-19 case was reported in Shenzhen.All of the above were found in the screening of key population and close contacts.Four new imported cases were reported in Guangzhou, including those from Russia, Singapore, Bangladesh and Mongolia.Eight asymptomatic imported cases were reported from Guangzhou, four from Sri Lanka, two from Turkey, and the other two from Russia and Mongolia.Another 20 patients have been discharged from hospitals, and 162 are currently in hospitals.Source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | Amy Chen

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