Congratulations!The Chinese Blue Helmets were praised again

On February 11, local time, the 25th Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) successfully passed the UN environmental inspection. Monuc inspectors spoke highly of the good environment of the camp.A row over the league just group environmental attorney camps fuel pollution control, water and waste water management, the classification of solid waste disposal, waste treatment and environmental maintenance five aspects, such as item 45 a detailed examination, the medical team camp greening, mosquito sanitizers, malaria, and affirmed his new crown epidemic prevention and control work and so on.Bukavu, the mission area of the 25th Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment to the DEMOCRATIC Republic of the Congo (DRC), is located in the central African continent with a tropical rainforest climate and a long rainy season, prone to malaria, measles, Ebola and other infectious diseases.After the detachment was deployed, it actively improved the environment of the camp by paving gravel roads, adjusting the reception area, repairing living facilities and equipment, and planting fruits, vegetables and green vegetation. Thanks to the joint efforts of the officers and men, the camp is clean and beautiful and full of vitality.The detachment also carries out daily deconditions of the environment in the barracks, regularly disseminates health knowledge, takes good care of personal hygiene, and effectively completes medical treatment while ensuring the health and safety of peacekeeping troops.Thumbs up, Chinese blue helmets!People’s Liberation Army Daily wechat published by: Li Xiaolong Editor: Xiang Xiaoxin

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