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In July 2021, Yao Qinwen decided to become a real estate agent after graduation.After half a year’s experience in the industry, Yao Qinwen has gained achievements and growth through setbacks and hardships.On the first day of the year of the Tiger, I would like to share her story with you. I wish everyone can find their goals in their work and realize their dreams.My name is Yao Qinwen. In 2021, I changed my role from a graduate student at communication University of China to a real estate agent in Shanghai.I struggled to adapt to work pressure, learn to be a professional intermediary, but also learn to become an independent adult.This year, I encountered big and small difficulties, countless times thought of leaving, countless times to climb up again, stumbled to continue to run.My original dream was to be a journalist.After college, I worked as a new media editor and ended up sitting in front of a computer all day.I decided to give myself another chance and quit my job to go home for postgraduate entrance examination.I went to my grandmother’s house in the countryside to prepare for war. In addition to eating and walking with my grandmother in the evening, I was reviewing.Postgraduate entrance examination group, remedial classes, these I do not live like an island.I spent that time wondering, where is my sense of worth?Later, I realized that my sense of value is to connect with the world, contact with people, contact with information, and play my role in contact with people.The reason why I am attracted to journalism is that I can connect with the world.When I graduated from my master’s degree, I received flowers from my friends.I landed successfully and was admitted to the Communication University of China, majoring in Journalism and Communication. Then I went on to graduate school as planned.Until I started my master’s thesis.In 2020, the popularity of the TV series “Setting Up a Home” attracted my attention to the group of real estate agents. I came across a news that a Master majoring in Japanese from Fudan University joined Lianjia, which further aroused my curiosity.Therefore, I chose the group of highly educated real estate agents as the research topic of my master’s thesis, hoping to understand why this low-threshold occupation attracts these highly educated people.In order to do an experiential-style interview, I joined Shanghai Homelink as an intern in January 2021.Unexpectedly, after graduation thesis, I also on the career of the head.During my thesis, I came into contact with a group of highly-educated real estate agents and conducted in-depth interviews with them, gradually understanding the “interesting” of this profession — I saw how an excellent real estate agent accumulates and settles, and how to help others by relying on the information he has mastered.This “fun” is exactly where I found the sense of value, which attracted me to give up the resources and advantages accumulated in my professional field and decide to start from scratch as a real estate agent.In the evening, I was still at the store talking to customers on the phone.The news that I was working as a real estate agent was quickly trending on Weibo.On the same day, my colleagues and I stepped around Shanghai.All of a sudden, my wechat exploded. Even my friends, whom I rarely contacted, invited me to interview, asked me to buy a house, simply expressed their shock, and even encouraged me…There were so many messages I didn’t have time to respond to them all.I didn’t dare click on trending, especially not to read the comments.But in the following days, many lianjia colleagues from all over the country found me through the Intranet address book, called me, added wechat, and gave me encouragement, which made me feel very warm.Of course, there are also many voices against it. Some people directly ask me in private letters why I work as an intermediary when I can do easier work. “Can you really earn so much in this line?”I’ve had people send me messages asking me how I’m doing, like, “Can’t do it anymore?”The decision was the biggest surprise of my 25-year life, but it wasn’t that hard.As for why I chose this job, I think part of it is fate. If I hadn’t chosen this topic for my graduation thesis, none of this would have happened.And the other part comes from my reluctance.Actually, I’ve been holding my breath.After becoming popular online, I was offered the opportunity to transfer to the PR department to do support work, which would be easier, more stable, more respectable and more professional, but I turned it down.At that time, I had no achievements and was Mired in self-doubt every day.But for me, a transfer was an escape, and I didn’t want to escape. I was responsible for the choices I made.The main character of a TV show is never a runaway.After working hard for some time, I got some honors.I never thought it would be so difficult until I became a real estate agent.It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed, overwhelmed and at a loss when you arrive.Like the final exam encountered never encountered the type of questions, the previous brush questions are in vain.The store I am in is a new store. The business area manager Hui Ge just turned 30 this year, but he has been working in the store for nearly 10 years and has been the store manager for 1 year.My tutor Shao Ben, who was born in 1998 and is two years younger than me, has been working for nearly three years.Despite my degree, I was the same as any newcomer, but with a master’s degree, I was older than most people in the store.Left: Store employees at the end of 2020.Right: Store employees at the end of 2021.It was a year when many people chose to leave.And, I have to admit, I’m not smarter than anyone else, and I don’t even have enough EMOTIONAL intelligence.Over the past year, I’ve often gotten comments like, “Will you stop being so naive?!””Look at the others, how they want it!How wolfish!You are too Buddha!”After all, there is only one criterion for judging a real estate agent: performance.Broker soul three ask is: do you have today take see (refer to take client to see a house)?Do you have a chance?Did you take the bill?When the answer is “no,” panic, anxiety, self-denial, all sorts of negative emotions emerge.Until now, I’ve been a little resistant to calling clients.It takes a lot of courage to admit your weaknesses. It’s like punching your old self in the face.I recently closed a deal with a retired uncle who came to Shanghai to book a house for his child.Help him talk about three suites, the first suite is not suitable, but the owner bite the price, nothing;The second owner’s temporary jump price, on the spot from 5 million to 5.08 million;The third set was finally settled. The owner’s ex-wife refused to go through the regulatory process and refused to sign. The risk was too high to operate, so she had to give up…After many days of efforts, I still failed to help him find a suitable house. I felt very guilty and felt that IT was my lack of experience that held him back.I do not know how to comfort, can only say “good things take time”.The pictures I posted in my moments to help clients find apartments.Good thing I didn’t give up.There was no housing, my colleagues and I tried to develop housing together, community stationed, friends circle shopping, outside the net raking, finally half a month later, developed a suitable housing.The house was not listed on Lianjia, and we visited the owner repeatedly.The client was able to buy the house the day after it was listed.I finally let go of a stone in my heart.I gradually realized that your weak, always in the process of dealing with emergencies, become strong.Don’t worry when you encounter problems, just like doing the college entrance examination questions, calm down and solve the questions carefully.I’m used to riding an electric bike through the streets of Shanghai.My wechat signature says “Connect with the world”.Everyone is an island, and connection makes me feel worth it.The job of an intermediary is essentially to connect customers and owners to facilitate transactions.The moment the transaction is completed, the pleasure reaches its climax.But in practice, I find this sense of connection to be fragile.Experienced agents would tell me not to get too emotionally involved, which I didn’t understand until I was single for the first time.I was showing a house to a client because it was a little noisy near the subway.Every time I show it, I make clear the pros and cons of the house.I kept in touch with the client from Last August to this year. We started to look at the house in December and finally locked in a flat.After making an appointment with the owner, the owner arrived on time, but the customer did not show up, wechat did not return, called in the past, the customer pleaded that the work needs temporary overtime, entrusted us to talk on his behalf.The manager felt wrong, worried that customers use us to talk about the price after looking for a small company to clinch a deal, asked whether to pay 20,000 intention gold, not to talk about the original card returned, talk into the deposit.The client hung up under the pretext that the company was busy.While we were trying to negotiate for him, the owner told us that another agency had a group of clients with her daughter.How did it happen?I hurried to call the client, but there was no answer.It suddenly dawned on me that he was trying to find different agents to test the owner’s bottom price. He would make a deal with anyone who could negotiate the price down.Find us to talk, can find out the information of the house, but also to test the owner’s bottom price, to avoid being small companies eat the difference.From the start, he had no intention of closing a deal with Lianjia because smaller companies offer more commission flexibility.In the store and customer communication.I’ve come to understand that a sense of connection isn’t built overnight.In real estate transactions, trust is built not on how likeable you are, nor on finding the perfect house, but on how well you can maximize his interest.As a newcomer to the real estate market, I still have a long way to go.Looking back on 2021, I’ve moved three times, sold three homes, had all sorts of problems and cried more times than I can count on two hands.Instead of a ponytail, I began to do my hair in a bun, with only black and white shirts and suits on the hanger, trying to look more like a grown-up.I learned to ride a small electric shuttle in each community, with customers around the house, although has been able to skillfully dig out the needs of customers, but the negotiation price is still my weakness;I had occupational disease gradually, go to where all want to search the Internet surrounding house price;I have been to more and more places, Baoshan, Putuo, Changning, Xuhui……My footprints are everywhere;I also got a tan and started to get lines. I had swimming rings on my stomach because of the long working hours and irregular work schedules…During the New Year holiday of 2022, I communicated with another client on the way of showing the house to the client.But the daily bliss was also clear: I moved to a south-facing room and woke up in the morning to the sun on my little bed;In the vast city of Shanghai, my commute time is only 10 minutes on foot;Although I wear the same black and white every day, I do not need to worry about wearing, even occasionally buy a colorful sweater can make me happy to go round and round;No holidays, but lovely colleagues who always pull me up when I’m in trouble.Even though the current results are not satisfactory, I have learned a lot and been recognized by some clients and owners…I took a selfie in my new floral sweater.I’m not as confident as I used to be, but I’m stronger.I still find satisfaction in the new connections I make on a daily basis: meeting new clients, like meeting new friends, who share decorating videos and fantasize about your future life;Will make fun of parents with you, even a little complain about work;They will read your moments carefully and silently give you a “like”…During the year of becoming a real estate agent, I have been busy and full, laughing and crying.My intermediary life will continue to move forward, the New Year, to have a good meal, cherish the body;Good reading, growth;Work hard to find warm homes for more people.Finally, as I wrote in my graduation thesis, “I want to thank myself for sticking to what I think is right and going forward bravely and firmly.”

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