Focus on front-line prevention and control

The cold wind and rain could not hide the sound of telephones, keyboards, discussions and footsteps in the Headquarters of The Epidemic Prevention and Control in Beihu District.At this time, it was 23 o ‘clock on February 16, more than 30 hours after two confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus were found in Chenzhou.Beihu, the eye of the storm, is racing against time to carry out flow tracing, nucleic acid testing, isolation and transport, and site elimination…Hurried footsteps approached the meeting room and an emergency meeting was convened.Beihu District Party Committee, the main responsible person of the district government is reporting to the city leaders the situation of isolation resettlement site selection.With the development of traceability, the number of quarantined personnel increases and the number of quarantined hotels increases.Earlier, after the rapid implementation of the plan, backup hotels have been requisitioned for the isolation point are fully accommodated, and there is an urgent need for new hotel isolation.According to the requirements of epidemic prevention, the isolation point should be selected as a place with perfect infrastructure, convenient transportation and quick transfer to the relevant medical institution, especially the relevant heating and ventilation system.Beihu District is the main city of Chenzhou, although there are many hotels, but the population density is large, the flow of people is large, the occupancy rate is also high.Quarantine is not slow, urgent!”The hotel on the other side of Siqing Lake is far from the urban area and should be expropriated.””There is a hotel on Chenzhou Avenue and Guoqing South Road, which is suitable for fewer residents.”We quickly find suitable hotels in our minds, and call one by one to ask a series of questions about check-in, reception capacity, facilities and equipment.The central air-conditioning system does not meet the epidemic prevention requirements, the reception capacity is too low, the management is too difficult, and the infrastructure is outdated.On the phone, most hotels were eliminated.Go!Drive to the scene for a physical inspection.A line of people late at night, the time is the early morning of the 17th.After arriving at Siqing Lake, we quickly entered the hotel to check the room, personnel access, equipment and facilities.After analysis, this applies to the quarantine hotel.2 o ‘clock, a group of people returned to the city, the idea is: must prepare for a rainy day, work together, to choose several hotels, as a standby isolation point.We came to longquan Road north Lake district party school near the hotel to check the situation.Old facilities, few rooms, as a temporary isolation point conditions are not up to standard.”Not this one, then another one, and by all means find a suitable hotel before dawn.”Sonorous and powerful commitment is beihu’s responsibility and determination.Open up your phone map and search for nearby hotels.Not far ahead is the Heaton Hotel.In the light rain, we hurried to check it out.This is a relatively self-contained, double-aisle hotel, perfect for isolation.After contacting the hotel owner on the scene, he said nothing and actively cooperated with relevant departments to requisition the hotel as a temporary isolation point.One by one they knocked on the door of the guest room, and one by one they asked the guests to leave at night.The evacuation of the tenants went smoothly as everyone understood and supported the prevention and control of the epidemic.At 4 o ‘clock, all the hotel rooms were vacated, and the secondary contacts were transferred in place.At 9:00, all the objects to be isolated will enter the hotel.The battle quickly built a fortress of safety for the masses.”Overnight shop hunting” is the most authentic manifestation of Beihu’s responsibility and speed, and is the most loyal contribution of all front-line workers in epidemic prevention and control.There is always someone to cover us.Editor: Deng Jinqiu

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