“Sound” into the heart!Volunteers at the Capital Airport sang a mixed chorus to praise Chinese athletes

“I love you China, beloved mother, I weep for you, and I am proud of you…”A class on aesthetic education and political thought was held at the Capital Airport recently. A chorus composed of 52 volunteers sang “I Love You China” to praise The Chinese athletes who fought hard in the Winter Olympics and to dedicate to the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.The chorus members come from central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing University of Agriculture, Beijing Wuzi University, Beijing City University, Beijing Vocational College of Economics and Management, and Beijing International Studies University. They provided arrival and departure services for Olympic-related personnel at the Capital Airport. They were the earliest volunteers to start work and the latest to leave their posts.Volunteers choir instructor, Beijing capital airport post supplies Wang Haotian college art education center said: “the aesthetic education courses into volunteer base is very meaningful, my classmates and I together rehearse singing” I love you China “” I just want an ice mound mound, such as multiple works, hope that through art practice ways to help them improve work enthusiasm.”

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