Yuan Qingmao led a team to grass-roots units “send blessings, send Spring Festival couplets”

The breath of the New Year is getting stronger and stronger, and the pace of the Year of the Tiger is getting closer and closer.January 25, the company’s labor union organized a “Year of the Tiger to send blessings auspicious into thousands of people” to send Spring Festival couplets.Fenjiu Party Secretary and Chairman Yuan Qingmao, General Manager Tan Zhongbao and company leaders Gao Zhiwu, Yang Bo, Chang Jianwei, Liu Weihua and Li Chenggang went to the retirement center and the third factory to send holiday blessings to retirees and front-line employees.In the retirement activity center, Yuan Qingmao inspected the company’s retired workers’ activity places, appreciated the retired cadres and workers created Spring Festival couplets, and talked with them, exchange creative experience, for them to send the New Year’s blessing bag.The retired fenjiu employees have made outstanding contributions to the development of fenjiu, and the company will continue to care for them, Yuan said.Pack in into three factory, Yuan Qingmao, Tan Zhongbao company leaders also appreciate the art of calligraphy lovers, the scene calligraphy lovers write Spring Festival couplets, or her, they all fly each beaming Spring Festival couplets, red “f” word, silhouetted against a thick festal atmosphere, the scene laughter constantly, calligraphy fragrance.Yuan Qingmao greeted the calligraphy lovers’ hard work and praised their calligraphy skills. He encouraged the staff to keep strong working spirit and make unremitting efforts to realize the revival of Fenjiu.Then, companies such as Yuan Qingmao leadership will each festival couplets on the Spring Festival, one by one the red “f” word to the worker masses, staff hand festival Spring Festival couplet and blessing bags, set off with a happy smiling face, let small cold winter on the joy and warmth of the whole event is busy busy and orderly, a happy and peaceful scene.It is reported that within 2 hours, a total of all kinds of New Year’s blessings and Spring Festival couplets more than 200 pairs, the development of the activity not only for the staff to pass the blessing, but also to create a healthy civilization, warm and harmonious New Year’s cultural atmosphere, for the wine have added a thick flavor and cultural atmosphere.Source: Fenjiurong Media Center

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