“Ice pier pier” heat surge, the relevant stocks also took to fly

Do you have a lovely “ice dun dun”?Recently, bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot of the Winter Olympic Games, has gained a lot of attention.Thousands of netizens flooded the official Olympic online store, and the products sold out as soon as they were launched.The new “net red” Bing Dun Dun not only their own fire, “with goods” ability is also super, directly with the secondary market related stocks.Two trading days before the year of the Tiger, “ice pier pier concept shares” a word limit, there are a number of related stocks are also strong.Yangzi evening news/purple cattle news reporter who was on probation Wang Cantu source visual China “authentic ice mound mound stocks” for two consecutive days word harden yangzi evening news/purple cow journalists query the Beijing Olympics and the winter paralympic games organizing committee website listed licensed manufacturers information, found that licensing production of plush toys and other material manufacturers a total of three,Yuan-long Yatu is the only a-share listed company.On the investor interactive platform, the reporter saw that investors on the “ice dun dun” problems are also many, Yuan-long Yatu also responded respectively.Yuan-long Yatu said that the company’s licensed product design and production is based on the image of Bing Dun Dun (snow Rong Rong) derivative development, including different categories, different materials, different modelling products.The products include bingdun (Snow Rongrong) plush toys, modeling handwork, ornaments, crystal ball, and “Dream the future” bingdun toys ornaments (blind box), badges (mascot sports modeling series, countdown series, folk series), precious metals (opening ceremony countdown gold and silver bars, etc.) and other seven series.Figure source visual China February 7 and 8, Yuan Long yatu for two consecutive trading days a word limit.In response to the shortage of surrounding products for the Winter Olympics, Yuan-Long Yatu said that employees and factories have been organized to fully start production, to coordinate the allocation of production capacity, to ensure the supply of licensed products for the Winter Olympics, and do their best to meet the needs of consumers.Picture source Wind take off!Wensli, one of the licensed producers of the Beijing Winter Olympics, was up 4.72% as of Feb. 8.Another listed company, WTC Holdings, is also a licensed manufacturer of precious metal products, arts and crafts, and ceramics.On February 7 and 8, it also took the Winter Olympics and ice dun dun “east wind”, two consecutive days a word limit.Tuyuan Wind as early as July 2021, IN response to investors’ questions, CIH said that the company also has the franchise retail rights for the whole category of derivatives for the Winter Olympics.In terms of franchised production rights, the third party enterprises are authorized to design and produce relevant derivative products, from which the sales revenue is shared.Franchised retail will participate in the franchised distribution of winter Olympics products through self-operation and authorized third party operation, and set up franchised retail stores (locations), so as to obtain the sales revenue sharing of franchised distribution link and related licensing fee income.At present, there are 29 licensed manufacturers and 58 licensed retailers for the Beijing Winter Olympics.Behind the hot sales of licensed products, as licensed retailers wangfujing, Zhongti Industry, Caibai Shares, Jinyi culture and other listed companies benefit.As of February 8, the previous three rose 1.94%, 4%, 0.54%, gold a culture trading limit.Proofreading faye wong

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