Explorer was “wrong” to be aggressive and buy a Toyota hybrid for family $400,000?

Anyone thinking about buying a seven-seater SUV and driving it should be thinking about the makeup of their family.Who else would take five seats for space redundancy on a daily commute with 1-2 occupants at most?All of the above considerations should be more than 5 family members.With seven seats, it represents more flexible space performance when more than five people travel. If you add a label of less than 400,000 to the seven-seat model, it means that you have to pursue the car experience while “free space”.With the price of 400,000 yuan or so, buy a seven-seat SUV, what kind of choice will you have?Used to a hybrid, buy another one?Let’s talk about the vehicle and personnel composition of this car purchasing family. Lao Lin is a middle-aged male of about 40 years old, who knows how to spend his money with high cost performance. For example, he only drinks Luckin and 711 for American coffee, because of its high cost performance, there is no need to buy Starbucks which costs more than 30 yuan because it is full of caffeine.Then there is a Toyota Prius (not for sale) with hybrid, fabric seats that are comfortable in summer and warm in winter and have been around for years.Lao Lin is very pragmatic. He works as a programmer in Dachang (now he should be a manager). He gets married late and has children late.Because Lin did not particularly like the appearance of MPV, he simply rejected all MPV models.The budget is less than 400,000 yuan, and the model to buy is a seven-seat SUV, without clear requirements on the vehicle brand;The fuel consumption had better be lower after all, he is used to driving hybrid cars, high fuel consumption he really can not accept.After that, I said, “Why don’t you just pick a hybrid SUV from Toyota?”Mr. Lin refused on the spot, saying he was driving a Toyota and had better give it a change.The options we picked for the next few days were a Ford Rive, a Volkswagen Tuan and a Toyota Crown Land Fang.What’s the last word?Lin can’t get around a Toyota. He can’t get around a Toyota hybrid.After the second car was finished, Lao Lin and I walked into the 4S shop of Toyota with expectation.There are a lot of people in the store, most of them clustered around crown Land Fang, Asian Dragon and Corolla.After registering the information, the shop staff came to meet us quickly. After knowing that we wanted to see the crown, he first said, “Sir, it may take a long time to buy this car.”Of course, Lao Lin doesn’t care. He has a car to drive and the owner wants to buy it for his wife.We also cut to the chase and asked, is there a discount on this car now?The answer was “no,” as we expected, and there was a decorative option to choose from.Then I got to know the general situation, the store sold more than 140 Crown Land vehicles last month, the popular models are concentrated in the four-wheel drive luxury version, the pick-up cycle is about one month;The total price is expected to be around 360,000 yuan, including the purchase tax of about 26,000 yuan, the insurance fee of about 9,000 yuan, the registration service fee of about 2,000 yuan, etc.The staff introduced the medium and high matching models. Lao Lin took a look at the configuration table and felt that some configurations of the medium and high matching models were not quite satisfied, but he was more interested in the top matching models, so he asked the price of the top matching models.Top matching model landing price does not exceed the budget, can buy.After that, in the car and test drive, Lin first praised the luxury of the car. The comfort level may be because he is used to sitting on the fabric seat or thinks his current Prius is more comfortable (personal opinion), but the luxury is very good.And the space experience of the second and third rows, Lao Lin felt completely enough, and even felt a little rich in the short term.The test drive is not a top-matching model, but it is also a 2.5L hybrid system with a fuel consumption of 5.8L per 100km. There is no essential difference between the overall driving and the top-matching model.Lao Lin followed the staff through the test drive procedures, plus about 20 minutes of driving, I sat in the third row with them.How was the ride?The third row wasn’t uncomfortable, but it wasn’t particularly comfortable either. I didn’t feel uncomfortable for at least 20 minutes.Lao Lin just drove for a while and began to say, “Isn’t it still the same feeling? It’s still so comfortable. It seems I have to choose Toyota.”Not only is the fuel economy low, but the hybrid is smoother and quieter than a gasoline car.After arriving at the store, under the guidance of the staff, Lin completed the order of the model, and then waited for about a month to pick up the car again.Why didn’t you choose American and German brands? Let’s talk.A few years younger, definitely buy explorer In fact this time in addition to Toyota, Lin also has quite strong interest in ford Explorer.Q: 2.3T power + four-wheel drive, which makes Lao Lin feel quite fierce, but the reason why he didn’t buy it is also because of the 2.3T engine.It is not the budget that stops Lao Lin from buying Ford Explorer. The two labels of 2.3T+ four-wheel drive are put together, and Lao Lin’s budget of 400,000 yuan can also win medium-high models.In the car space and comfort, configuration are satisfied with the premise, Lin test drive in high models.The 2.3T engine has a maximum power of 203kW and a maximum torque of 425 N · m. Coupled with the four-wheel drive system, the most direct feeling is fast and fierce.Lao Lin has only been in contact with Toyota Prius, which is his first car, has been driving up to now, there is no concept of turbocharging, and he is not interested;But once they got started, they found they didn’t have a problem with a turbo.But then I came to think that this car was bought to take care of family members and have a comfortable experience in the car. The disadvantage of accelerating so fast is that the turbo does not perform as smoothly in the low-speed domain as the hybrid.Anyway, I won’t buy it.If you were a few years younger and had no children, you might consider buying a six-seater Ford Explorer.Reluctantly, Lao Lin gave up just a little interest in turbocharging;Then we went to the Volkswagen 4S shop to feel the Volkswagen Tuang.His perception of Volkswagen Tuan began with a colleague’s new car bought last year. The most intuitive concept is big and cheap.Lao Lin didn’t have a complete contact with the car and only stayed “listening to what colleagues said”. When he really started to experience the car, he found that the interior of the car was too simple, but the interior space was really large, and the third row of seven seats was quite spacious. Moreover, the endorsement of the Volkswagen brand made Lao Lin move his mind to buy it.After some experience, the final test drive section persuaded Lin.The Vw Tuan 2.0t +7DCT combination has been on the market for many years and is a mature powertrain, but Lin’s test drive still found the gearbox to be less effective in shifting gears than the Ford Explorer.If you have to talk about the technical level, in theory, compared with AT, double clutch or the latter in the comfort of better (personal opinion, now the overall feeling of DCT gearbox adjustment and AT feel no significant difference).After the test drive, Lin felt that although there was a discount of about 20,000 yuan on the Volkswagen Tuan, there was nothing to attract him in the product. Moreover, the fuel consumption of 8.5L per 100 kilometers was directly persuaded to leave, and then he had the experience of buying a car mentioned above.To sum up, Lao Lin’s budget of around 400,000 yuan can definitely win the Ford Explorer he is interested in. However, for household consideration, he gave up the 2.3T radical powertrain and chose Toyota hybrid, an old acquaintance, instead, with better smoothness, tranquility and fuel economy.I think Lao Lin’s choice is correct, of course, also can’t say that the Ford Explorer powertrain is not necessarily suitable for home use, but Lao Lin’s experience does not meet his car needs.Take a look at the warranty rates of several cars. For the 2020 Ford Explorer, the landing price of a new car is about 358,000 yuan, and the used car price after driving 20,000 kilometers is about 298,000 yuan.For the 2021 Toyota Crown Land Amplifier, the landing price of a new car is about 388,800 yuan, and after driving 10,000 kilometers, the used car price is about 398,000 yuan.

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