Focusing only on hard work, Lin’s life has not been smooth sailing, but she is still self-disciplined

Speaking of Taiwan, many people will think of Lin Chi-ling, whose beauty and figure have been the object of many girls’ efforts.Lin Zhiling has been loved by many fans.She participated in a variety of TV plays and movies are many, she participated in many variety shows, very popular with other guests.Most attention, is her love story with Jerry Yan.Everyone once thought that they would be very happy together, did not expect that they two have been on and off, and eventually no fate to go together.Many fans began to worry about Lin’s future marriage, wondering which man would be her ultimate lover.Unexpectedly, Lin Zhiling and Japan’s Kurozawa Ryohei announced engagement news.When the news came out, it shocked a lot of people.When some fans watch Lin Chi-ling’s TV series, most of them see Lin chi-ling wearing wedding dresses many times in the series, but none of them are actually her marriage.And this time, she married love, at the wedding, Lin Zhiling looked at her husband, they both shed tears.Actually see here, everybody’s feeling is very deep.In fact, Lin Zhiling is also a very ordinary person in life, she did not have a vigorous marriage, but chose a simple and ordinary marriage life.However, many fans have been criticizing Lin’s husband, saying that he is ugly and not as beautiful as Lin chi-ling.But in fact, the net friend should not interfere with the love of others.Lin Zhiling knows best how to move on with her life.Already more than 40 years old, she not only has still beautiful beautiful appearance, but also has a particularly smart head.On the red road, Lin Zhiling is also his own step by step to find out.Now we think Lin Zhiling is particularly perfect, but before Lin Zhiling was not so beautiful.She has not grown up, is in the teenage Lin Zhiling face is blain blain, wearing a pair of thick glasses on the face, is like a pair of ordinary students.However, Lin’s studies did not go particularly well, and she did not have much money.However, Lin is not a person who gives in to reality. On her way to study, Lin keeps choosing the high school that suits her.And she also found that her classmates had been in love and did not study hard.So, Lin successfully transferred to an all-girls private school, and finally, successfully entered the University of Toronto.It can be seen that Lin Chi-ling’s study experience was not particularly smooth, so she was not able to stand in the entertainment circle all of a sudden.We must try our best to do things. If we can’t do it, we can change our opportunities and methods. There will always be success.

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