Is it necessary to add fuel additives to cars

Fuel additives we also call it fuel treasure, a lot of times when we add gasoline there will always be gas station staff to sell fuel additives, fuel additives as the name implies it is an organic compound, a short for fuel additives.From the point of view of the role, automobile gasoline additives can achieve more perfect and more complete combustion of fuel, so as to remove carbon, save fuel, reduce emissions, enhance power and other effects.Although from the above fuel additives, the effect is extraordinary, but for such things, the car is not necessary to add fuel additives, if need to add from when to use?From the perspective of the use of the car to go to the above, this thing is not necessary to add, there are several main reasons, first of all, the first aspect, the label and the octane number of gasoline now is relatively high, relative to the combined with engine is high speed, above the work and the working condition of the engine performance is superior,The compression ratio inside the engine combustion chamber is higher, and the combustion is still relatively sufficient for gasoline. In the past, the car needs regular additives mainly because the compression ratio of the car engine is not high.Past the vehicle’s engine performance is not high, not tall to the requirement of petrol, so it is need to add on a regular basis, and now the engine with high compression ratio of engine, basically there is no such a problem, of course if you added a small gas station of oil, so still need to conduct regular add, avoid because of bad oil lead to the emergence of more carbon deposit, and so on and so forth.Summary: For the current car, there is basically no need to deliberately add fuel additives, now the vehicle process requirements are relatively high, there is no special problem.If you need to add about eight to one hundred thousand kilometers, start adding.The event will run from February 17, 2022 to February 28, 2022

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