Let’s go for a spring outing!Wudang this mountain a river a “forest” can be turned around

In Wudang district, there are a mountain, a river, a “forest”, string up several scenic spots, this is located in shuitian town panlongshan forest park.There is the Pudu River (known locally as the “Adu River”) that runs through xinbao, Shuitian and other townships, as well as the “Pine Forest” and “Duzhai” in Xinbao.Panlongshan Forest Park is located in Luozhuang Village, Shuitian Town, about 30 kilometers away from the central city of Guiyang, about 50 minutes by car.The park has a parking lot of thousands of square meters, parking is basically hassle-free.There was a plan to build a full-fledged tourist attraction, but for various reasons it didn’t work out, so the tourist reception center and public toilets were abandoned.There are not many tourists, so there are not many artificial traces and commercial atmosphere here.Panlongshan Forest Park.Park the car and climb up the stone ladder. There are many wild flowers and green grass along the road, and pines and other green trees above.Public data show that here is an important part of guiyang’s second ring forest belt, the mountain system is distributed in the north and south belt, forest coverage rate of 94%, has initially formed a forest area of more than 80,000 mu, dense vegetation, rich forest species, wild species diversity of linhai.Here, it’s climbing and seeing the scenery.About three or five friends climb mountains, pick wild flowers or wild vegetables, wild fruit in the woods, enjoy the good air and good mood brought by the forest.I heard the sound of birds singing, and occasionally squirrels poked their heads out of trees, trying to communicate briefly with visitors.There are not many tourists here, it is suggested that more than three people climb into the forest, or a person into the woods 300 meters, may be a little afraid.Even if there are three or five people, don’t go too far, just a kilometer or so away from the parking lot.Watch the water climb panlong Mountain, you can return to the foot of the pudu River.Under Panlong Mountain is Luozhuang village, where the river winds through the village, with green willows and ducks splashing in the river.Scenery of Luozhuang Village.Reporters found that the river’s new parking lot and public toilets, reception conditions improved.There’s also a camping base, and you can go camping if you want.A new public toilet.Drive upstream along the Purdue River to reach the next attraction, the pine forest.”Pine forest” is not a forest, is the name of a village group, the full name is “Xinbao Buyi township Matou village pine forest group”.This is the upper reaches of the Purdue River, deep and winding its way through the village.The houses of the villagers are under the green vegetation, which is exactly the idyllic life that the urbanites yearn for.Pine forest scenery.The pine forest is a well-known scenic spot. Guiyang residents and some people from other provinces like to visit here. Some people choose to stay here for a night or several nights.In summer, you can enjoy the cool water and pick all kinds of grapes from July to August to National Day.Since last year, the road leading from Xinbao Street has been paved with asphalt, making it easier for tourists to drive here.See “dustpan painting” farewell pine forest, along the Purdue River continue to walk up, in the new fort buyi nationality township seat less than 1 km of the place, there is a “dustpan painting” famous place – Duzhai.A large wind and rain bridge crosses the Purdue River, where the villagers come to cool off, chat and sell local products.Eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs and a variety of local vegetables are the most popular items for tourists to buy.Riverside, there is a big dustpan painting, visual height of more than 10 meters, known as the “dustpan King”.It is described as the largest dustpan painting in southwest China.Now, there is a farmhouse museum, dustpan painting gallery, visitors can experience the unique “dustpan painting” culture here.Duzhai scenery.Guizhou Daily Sky Eye news reporter Wang Jian editor Zhang Chen editor Zhao Hongbin Liu Gang school inspector Zhang Huan Zeng Yong

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