Solving the construction problem of “arc bridge” skillfully, the construction of the only trough beam of the inter-city railway along the Southern Yangtze River was completed

Yangtze Evening News On March 25 (Correspondent Su Tiexuansu Shiyang reporter Shi Xiaolei) At 8:30 PM on March 24, the trough girder of the south Yanjiang Intercity railway across dongshan Junction bridge was successfully poured and completed. The “Bridge No. 1” Bailey beam and truss technology of wuhan Yangtze River Bridge played a significant role.The construction problem of “arc beam”, which is faced by the only trough beam on the whole south-Yanjiang inter-city railway, has been solved, laying a solid foundation for the scheduled opening of the whole railway.It is understood that the trough beam is located at the junction of Hu Xi Road and Shiyang Road in Nanjing city. The beam body is 57.3 meters in length, and the bridge across Hu Xi Road connects Fengze Road and Fumin Road. The highest point of the bottom web is 4 meters away from the ground, and the inner net width of the trough beam structure is 11.8 meters.”The bridge is located within the control area and has limited high requirements, but the bridge also crosses hu Xi Road, which must meet the minimum requirements of 4.2 meters open to traffic.Construction is difficult and risky.”South along the Yangtze river in the inter-city railway TieSiJu project division manager Andrew tan said, in order to ensure the construction progress smoothly, after repeated comparison, the final decision will be, the idea of the construction of railway Bridges and bridge construction, the wuhan Yangtze river bridge is introduced in the design and construction process of a “bridge” technology, bailey beam and truss is greater than conventional berea piece of railway Bridges and intensity is high,It can meet the requirements of low-limit high-low and large-span cast-in-place beams, and successfully solve the problems of small clearance at the bottom and large height of web in the construction process.According to a person in charge of nanyanjiang Intercity Railway Corporation, the completed bridge is the only trough beam in the whole line of Nanyanjiang intercity Railway, marking that the construction of large cast-in-place beam has entered the final stage, laying a solid foundation for the scheduled opening of the whole line.Currently, south along the Yangtze river along the inter-city railway a worksite nearly more than 124 workers at the same time of rapid advance construction, cling to epidemic prevention work is not to relax, formulated the strict epidemic prevention and control measures, the worksite practice FengBiHua management, actively cooperate with the local epidemic prevention department requirements for nucleic acid detection and registration, to ensure the construction production and epidemic prevention and control of the “double security”.With a total length of 278.53 kilometers and a design speed of 350 kilometers per hour, the Southern Yanjiang Intercity Railway starts from Nanjing South Railway Station and ends at Taicang Station. It enters Shanghai Hub via Shanghai-Suzhou-Nantong Railway and is an important part of the comprehensive three-dimensional transportation corridor of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.As the second inter-city railway between Shanghai and Nanjing, jurong, Jintan, Jiangyin, Zhangjiagang, Changshu and other places along the railway will enter the era of high-speed railway and be integrated into the Shanghai-Nanjing one-hour high-speed railway circle, which is of great significance to promote the integration of the Yangtze River Delta and the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.Proofread by Sheng Yuanyuan source: Purple Cow News

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