A farmer’s father sent his son to college, but his son became a security guard with only 600 yuan a month after graduation

August 2002 was the happiest time in the history of the Han family.Han Shengli, the eldest son of the han family, received an admission notice from Xi ‘an Petroleum University this month, marking the first time a member of the han family has been admitted to a university.In the remote village where they lived, there had never been a single college student.Han Shengli admitted to the university this matter, in the village is equivalent to the entrance examination of the same glory.When the villagers heard the good news, they came to congratulate old Han. Han Peiyin, father of Han Shengli, was happy from ear to ear.Han Peiyin also has some cultural education in the village. He has a junior high school diploma and can read books and newspapers.Big and small things in the village, people always like to come to Han Peiyin for an argument, that he has read a book culture.Han also enjoys being surrounded by others for his knowledge and likes to write a Spring Festival couplet or two on festivals.Although he had been a farmer, Han Peiyin was always full of infinite expectation and desire for knowledge.He thought that his son would make his mark in the future by studying.He was gratified to look at his son who passed the university, silently thanking god for finally let the Han family to change the fate of the turning point.However, after the joy faded, the high tuition fee was placed in front of Han peiyin, as high as 6,000 yuan per semester.The Han family couldn’t save that much money by growing crops for a year, and there was no way they could raise the money.Han Shengli see difficult parents, offered to give up the idea of college opportunity, but was severely rebuffed by his father.In the heart of Han Peiyin, his son was admitted to the university, it is equivalent to boarded a bright future of the avenue of stars, how can call the son so easily to give up, even if the smashed pot sold iron, he also want to send his son to the university campus.In view of the poor conditions at home, compared with a college student, the most need may be a person who can make money, Han Shengli volunteered to improve the family conditions and go out to work, but was strongly blocked by parents.Han Fu immediately let Han Shengli sister drop out of school to work, the whole family work together to support the only college students in the family.Han Peiyin sold more than 3,000 yuan of what he could sell at home, and borrowed several thousand yuan from the villagers to send Han Shengli to the university campus.In order to better afford his son’s education, Han peiyin moved to Xi ‘an with his son, who was studying on campus, to find some odd jobs in Xi ‘an.Without any skills, Han could not find a decent job. He had to work several days on the construction site, earning only 20 to 50 yuan a day.But odd jobs don’t happen every day, and Sometimes Han goes days without income because she can’t find work.But without income, the necessary expenses never decreased. In order to continue living, and to save a certain amount of living expenses for his son, Han peiyin had to borrow money frequently from the workers around him.One after another, Han Peiyin borrowed money so often that no workmate would talk to him.Although he was always treated coldly by others, Han thought that he could brazenly continue borrowing money because it was paving the way for his son’s future.Although Han has borrowed a lot of money in bits and pieces, he is a man of his word. He writes down every loan in a small book and pays it off as soon as he has the money.All of them had little money. If they lent it to Han Peiyin, they had no money for dinner.They were all very poor, and Han Peiyin felt very uncomfortable with the money from his workmates.He kept telling his son, who came to him every month, not to waste money in school, but to spend what he had to spend.Han Shengli is also a sensible obedient child, his father’s teachings he has been in mind, in the college life of 4 years, he did not eat a meat.Also never because of material conditions not as good as others, and his father had a temper, Han Shengli is very clear about his family situation.He has been very grateful to enter the university to learn knowledge.According to theory, such a breakout, flying out of the nest of the golden Phoenix, should be in the school shine.His father took great pains to prepare for his tuition and living expenses, but also refused to let him do part-time jobs for fear of delaying his studies.But this is careful care of han Shengli learning is not very good, college English level 4 for him is a difficult hurdle.Han was not eligible for financial aid because his grades were not outstanding.Due to the poor family conditions, coupled with the personality of introverted, Han Shengli was always lonely in school, so that many years after graduation and his classmates did not remember the existence of this man.It is difficult for Han To talk with others. Five people in the same dormitory have mobile phones and three have computers, but he has nothing. He can only communicate with his father about an hour a day by using the dormitory public phone.To better save money, Han even openly picked up trash on campus, collecting leftover water bottles from fellow students on the sidelines.A bottle can be sold for 20 cents, by picking up bottles he can also earn five or six yuan, to meet their living needs, so that he can ask his father for less money.Han Shengli’s father although working very hard every day, but as long as he thought of his son read the university, the road of life in the future will be very different, he is very optimistic every day, in his diary always write many hopeful words.Obviously, Han Shengli is not as optimistic as his father, he felt more confused, seeing the university will soon graduate, Han Shengli also with his resume, constantly rushed to each recruitment market.As an undergraduate majoring in communication engineering, he came to the talent market and found that his major was not easy to find a corresponding job.He went to the recruitment market for several times, but still could not find a satisfactory job. He felt deeply frustrated. After four years of college, his family had spent tens of thousands of tuition fees, but when he graduated, he could find a job as an intern with a monthly salary of about 600 yuan.This salary is not even as good as the early drop out of school, in Guangzhou to work in my sister’s salary of three to four thousand a month.But at this time Han Shengli’s father is still not discouraged, he encouraged his son must first go to exercise themselves, so Han Shengli, chose to go to Qinghai installation wire work, 600 dollars a month.Han Shengli did this job for a period of time, but the salary has not been added.He had no choice but to return to Xi ‘an and find a new job. He barely managed to find a job that paid 1,600 yuan, but after expenses and rent, there was not much left.This han Shengli’s father finally began to despair, he has completely given up his son will become a dragon into the phoenix dream.Han Shengli’s father is no longer beaming, he packed up his bags and returned to his hometown, but also packed up the small book that was filled with countless words to encourage his son.In the face of the interview with the TV program director group, Han Shengli’s father also changed his attitude in the past, no longer cooperating with the recording staff as before, and talking about his thoughts in his heart, but silent.Han Shengli himself also lost his fighting spirit again and again in the wall, he did not have his father.’I have to accept it because it is what it is,’ he said, standing stone-faced in front of the camera.Rose it is difficult to imagine a gifted scholar, a lot of people who understand the Korean success story, all as he felt a little sad, why it is difficult to imagine who rose out of wit, home may be poor and not LaoHan the biggest problem to be solved, it is due to the joint of a series of problems in poverty, the lack of spirit, narrow, greatly limits the development of Korea’s victory in the future.In today’s society, one can no longer rely on a diploma to go all over the world. One’s development is often inseparable from comprehensive quality.Although Han Shengli is a college student, he knows very little about this society. He has nothing but textbook knowledge, but he has no way to make practical use of it.At the same time, he is not good at socializing with others, and can not establish himself in this society.In fact, if Han Shengli had been able to do more part-time jobs related to society during his college years, or to participate in some community activities and communicate with people more, maybe his outcome would have been better than now.Han Shengli is just a child from the countryside, he does not have a clear understanding of the society, his parents can not provide him with any guidance and help, can only blindly encourage him, to provide him with financial support.Go forward, where to go, Han Shengli confused.This may be the reason why he can not smoothly integrate with the society. The old Han family will change their destiny, all on this paper diploma, but the diploma is not a panacea after all.How much hope, how much disappointment, Han Shengli parents face has no longer find back to the smile at that time, tracking and reporting for Han father and son story, also came to an abrupt end, because his ending is not as good as everyone wants, it is too cruel.His son’s experience was completely shattered, Han Peiyin’s excessive worship of academic qualifications.When the staff took pictures of Han Shengli, han’s mother broke down, saying there was no reason to take such a humiliating picture.What they had been insisting on became a joke overnight.Asked if he would let his grandchildren continue to study, Mr. Han said he didn’t know and felt it was useless.Reading is really useless, because reading has never been used to measure how much money can be earned, reading since ancient times has been to improve their own way to learn more knowledge.Han father and son at the beginning of the starting point is wrong, in the atmosphere of learning by the edifice, as well as the acceptance of all kinds of campus, is a kind of experience precious experience, can bring infinite influence on life, but unfortunately Han Shengli does not have this vision.The boy, who had too many expectations, finally gave up and chose the simplest path, working as a security guard with a monthly salary of 600, which was not even as much as his father earned when he was doing odd jobs in Xi ‘an.But Han Shengli thinks so hungry undead life can also, as long as don’t let him hit a wall can.Han Shengli has been his father to protect too good, think that read the book is all right, even looking for a job setbacks can not stand, can only be a retreat from the unexamined life.Disclaimer: This article is published for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address :jiahe202110@126.com

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