Crystal shop mutation, tiger 6 yuan skin master, Liu Bang special effects handsome cry, hou Yi exclusive welfare announcement

Every year during the Spring Festival, King of Glory will launch two types of brave quality skin, one of the game store selling 6 yuan, the other is the king of crystal store.In recent days, officials have revealed that the king crystal store skin will be on sale, and this skin belongs to Cheng Xiaojin, called Invincible.And then there is another 6 yuan skin in the recent Revelations, this 6 yuan skin did not as players guess to Bian Que, but to Liu Bang.In addition, the skin for this year’s encore has been confirmed to be the Rumeng Ling series, and Houyi in addition to the Rumeng Ling encore, also recently released a new exclusive props, which may hint at his glory collection, how is the specific matter, let’s take a look.Crystal store mutation king crystal store every year seems to be able to increase a new skin, what put on the shelves last year is a brave person of Liu Chan, what put on the shelves this year is the skin of this warrior figure that cheng bites gold.Cheng Bite gold of this skin is said to be the most consistent with the history of cheng Bite gold of a skin design, wearing black and red armor, with a silver axe in hand, the temperament of the general.Although the quality of this skin is brave, but there are special effects, and the special effects are more obvious, compared to cheng Bite jin other brave skin, this skin is the most obvious one.The year of the Tiger 6 yuan skin owner of the King crystal store has been confirmed, and according to the previous practice, there will be a 6 yuan skin online during the Spring Festival, this skin has also been revealed recently.As shown in the picture, this 6 yuan skin for Spring Festival is Liu Bang’s Tiger Roar sword Zong.The name of this skin is very fitting for the year of the Tiger, the image of the skin looks like a swordsman, wearing a black and purple coat, the blue sword shining in the right hand, particularly conspicuous.This skin is a little bit special, but it’s not obvious, it’s a lot worse than Count Dracula, so it’s mostly for collection, not very useful.However, liu Bang’s skin this time has some puzzling, because there was no news before, suddenly out of this skin.Originally we all thought that the Spring Festival online 6 yuan skin is before the bian Que that, because that has been broke for a long time.And now bian Que is not online, so long that bian que this skin may have another way to get.Hou Yi exclusive welfare announcement originally this year’s glory collection skin before the news was said to be given to Hou Yi, but during this period of time, the news became to give Zhuge Liang glory collection, Hou Yi canceled, and then Hou Yi players are very depressed.Fortunately, hou Yi’s limited skin will return to the scene, but also to appease the mood of hou Yi players.Encore naturally is the return of the two ru Meng Ling skin together, Houyi and Chang ‘e will be online on the same day of the Spring Festival game mall to open the sale.In addition to dreamlike skin return, Houyi recently developed a new performance props, as shown in the picture below.Houyi’s new defeat special effects, return to town special effects and the tail are not easy to get, because the probability is very low.And the sudden appearance of Houyi’s sunset named sunset 9 is also understood by many players as an indication of preheating of houyi’s glorious skin. This is not without possibility.Although the glory is hidden to Zhuge Liang, but does not mean that Houyi is not out, maybe next time is out of Houyi.This time, Houyi’s new expression item may be an illustration of this, or even yi’s skin will be sunset 9.There are words king crystal store and glory crystal store in the near future will usher in a new skin, king crystal cheng bite gold, glory crystal Zhuge Liang.Then the 6 yuan skin on the year of the Tiger has been confirmed to be Liu Bang’s, hou Yi’s new performance props do not know why, it may be a sign of glory to hide the skin.

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