He loves you or not, wechat red envelope will tell you: never fall in love with a stingy man

Article | | I write in the world when they are late to write love on earth 01 two days ago I received a direct messages from a net friend, she asked me a question in the DMS: he didn’t send me a red envelope, not love I?She said she and her boyfriend had been together for more than half a year, and their relationship was good. However, on the eve of New Year’s Eve, she sent her boyfriend a red envelope and a New Year gift, but his boyfriend didn’t prepare a red envelope for her, just said happy New Year on wechat.This makes her feel very sad, after all, compared to the circle of friends so many show love 520, his boyfriend is too stingy.She thought long and hard, but the answer was no.Only her boyfriend does not care so much about himself, will even a red envelope are too lazy to send, what she cares about is not how much money in the red envelope, but, the other party does not have this heart.Although the relationship can not be measured by money, but many times, money can test the heart.I think so.Although love should be pure and should not be full of calculations and trade-offs, sincerity should be the most valuable and should not be measured by money.But this is not the reason why you don’t have to pay anything in a relationship. The best state of adult relationships should naturally be that you come and go, rather than that I do nine points and you are too lazy to do one.This reminds me of the sixth anniversary raffia incident that made a lot of fuss on Weibo before. The reason is the same. The girl was full of joy and sent her boyfriend a bunch of expensive gifts on the sixth anniversary of their love, and prepared a surprise carefully.Can never expect, her boyfriend to return the gift, turned out to be his own worn old clothes, and a pile of cheap lafite.The girl feels wronged, the net friend is not worth for the girl.Even if not lovers, even as ordinary friends, others give you a gift we also want to the first time to return the gift, at least to be sincere, not perfunctory.What’s more, the person who really accompanied you for six years, is an intimate lover, but a pair of superior appearance, a little mind are not willing to spend, just want to gain in love.This other half, let alone.02 There is a term called sunk cost, which means that the more you put into a relationship, the higher the sunk cost, and the harder it is to quit.The same goes for love.Whether it’s money, time, or energy, the more we invest in someone, the more we value them, and vice versa.It may be impossible to tell directly whether the recipient loves you or not, but at least you can tell that the recipient is deliberately reducing their sunk costs.He doesn’t want to spend too much time on you.He also doesn’t want to get too invested in the relationship.Most of these unequal relationships end in divorce.Good love, always you come and go, miss each other, cherish each other.For example, in many movies and TV dramas, in addition to the hero and heroine, there is always a spotless male or female.She for men what are willing to give up, what are willing to pay, men to she is also the same.This is called deep, moving heart.However, female two or male two’s wishful thinking, not so let a person feel distressed.Is female two do as good as she?No, on the contrary, in order to get the love of the male hero, she will only do better than the female hero, more.And the female two detestable reason is also very simple, nothing more than always unilateral intemperate pay.Clearly others do not respond to your deep feeling, clearly know that their heart is not in you, but still naive to think that as long as you are good enough, others can see yourself.Even if occasionally touched the male master, but also be a moment of warmth.Lowered posture, beg, never is love.Love is equality, it’s respect, it’s sunk costs on both sides.It goes both ways.Is you do the first day, I do 15, you walk 50 steps towards me, I walk 50 steps towards you.The person who loves you will not make you wonder whether he loves you or not, he will remove all your doubts with action.- END – | invasion delete pictures from the network for more wonderful content, quick attention to Yang later when cash machines after her boyfriend to send me to college, I dumped him: use the girl love is how to think?

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