The 8 best Stephen King movies to keep

Stephen King is the Spielberg of literature. He has created many success stories over the years and many of his films have earned a place in pop culture history.When Andy Dufresne was framed for murder, he was forced to spend decades in hell at Shawshank State Prison.There, he forms a lasting friendship with fellow inmate Red and struggles to endure the abuse inflicted by other prisoners and his captives.Widely regarded as one of the greatest films of all time, The Shawshank Redemption is a harrowing and inspiring story of finding hope in the darkest of places, and its ending makes it one of the most exhilarating films of all time.While critics and audiences were divided when the film was first released, Stanley Kubrick’s horror film has been hailed as a masterpiece for decades.King hated Kubrick’s film, but it was still a work of art in its own right, thanks to beautiful but frightening graphics, innovative cinematography and excellent acting, especially by Jack Nicholson himself.After experiencing the Shining for the first time, you think about it and remember it forever.It’s a critically acclaimed film about a death row guard who encounters an inmate with magical healing powers but is wrongly convicted of murdering two white girls.Yes, the film perpetuates John Coffey’s “magic black” stereotype.Still, the story remains a modern retelling of the death of Christ, and its portrayal of racism in America still hits hard today as a memorable dark film.When a quiet town is shrouded in a mysterious fog, a handful of citizens trapped in a supermarket must contend with a horde of Lovecraft beasts lurking outside.While monsters are undoubtedly scary, the real monsters are people who give in to fear and blindly follow the demands of religious zealots for sacrifice.But the film’s shocking ending stays in your mind long after the fog clears.5. The Joker Is the movie that launched the Stephen King revival.When a shapeshifting entity disguised as a clown starts eating Deri’s children, the seven join forces to defeat it.With excellent performances from both its child actors and Pennywise himself, the film exceeded our expectations while reigniting King’s popularity in Hollywood and setting the stage for many great adaptations.4. Based on the King’s novella The Corpse, Rob Reiner’s Stand By Me is a thrilling and endearingly coming-of-age story about four friends who visit a dead body.It’s not what you’d expect from a typical Stephen King horror story, but it’s still a charming and nostalgic adventure that will appeal to audiences young and old, and it remains one of King’s most beloved films today.It’s hard to imagine anyone making a brilliant sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, but director Mike Flanagan proves he’s the best man for the job.Nearly 40 years after the original film’s release, an adult Dan Torrance must protect a young girl who shares his “light” from a psychic vampire cult known as The True Knot.The film pays homage to Kubrick’s film, but at the same time, it feels like Flanagan has actually adapted King’s book into a big-screen novel.It offers viewers the end of the saga that “The Shining” fans have been waiting to see in the movie for years.Adapting this story for the big screen was long thought to be impossible, but director Mike Flanagan threw our doubts out the window.The film depicts a romantic journey gone wrong with a woman handcuffed to a bed after her husband suffers a heart attack.Gerard’s game is a terrifying and dreamlike journey into the protagonist’s traumatized mind as she tries to survive with the limited resources she has, especially with the mysterious “Moonman” watching her from the shadows.

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