The Dolores are officially talking about the best of the best, while fans are focusing on the best of the best

It is not clear whether the content of Doula has stayed too long in the chapter of Neptune Island, but fans have shifted their attention from the content of Doula to the characters.Take the latest update of the content of a set, it is clearly the battle of dragon and Tang three, as well as posei into the sixth test examiner things as the focus, but everyone’s focus is all of the run off.Not only do not have many people care about the small idea of Posei, but also because the ability to break out of the dragon dragon like the relationship, was questioned by everyone, that the dragon is a dragon with a dragon vest, in fact is a fire dragon with fire attributes.Of course, this is just a joke when we watch “Douruo continent”, after all, without those god-level bullets, watching “Douruo continent” fun would be less than half.But when it comes to “Douluo mainland” which role is the most eye-catching, in the clear orange it must be Tang three and dance no doubt, because even if the official, want to shift everyone’s attention to haotian hammer and combat scenes, fans will also from time to time to pay attention to the little dance’s expression and profile.And for the attention of tang three, but it is not weak to dance, such as his strength in the battle with the dragon douluo, afraid of you people think of the sacrifice of the battle loss of Tang three.Because this time the battle, although tang three won the final victory, but also let the handsome face left a big hole, and the wound was good coincidence unfortunately and small dance when the sacrifice of the wounds which the similar, even at the time of action and then, as a result, can let a person feel this is mystery lazy again, with the content of the past who sucks.But what’s interesting is when this movement again, also from tang three handsome after three into battle damage tang, tang qing orange I have this feeling of three of tang tang, because even if the injured action and the position of the wounded, today’s tang three had not had the face of the temple of eternal, ky, he could not win.Now he is not the same as before, not only more than a few hundred thousand years of soul ring, even soul force, domain, soul bone and so on also have a new evolution.Plus this time the battle is just an assessment, so tang three even injured, the assessment of this time have doubts, he did not too much to pursue, and after passing the assessment, his mentality was immediately adjusted, think this outcome is already very good.As everyone knows, this time the mentality, but also for a few people later the sixth assessment added a lot of trouble, is also a lesson to tang three again.

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