To record the beauty of life, Hanyin Xiaohao CP4000L photo printer

I like taking photos, traveling and outing. All the unpleasant things in life and pressure in work will be left behind during the trip.Enjoy other places and countries, different landscapes, different people, and different ways of life.Every time I travel, I use photos to record the meaningful things.But in order to print out the photos, every time to go to the photo studio is very troublesome, so today I got a Chinese printing photo printer.Recently, this kind of small family photo printer is very hot, small and convenient to print, with the use of printing, do not take up space in the home.Hanyin Xiaohao CP4000L pink color, so fresh.All include photo printer host, power adapter, paper box, data line, and ribbon and photo paper three packs.The whole machine is compact and delicate, rounded edges and corners.There is only one switch button on the front side, the side is the ribbon bin, concave mouth easily open the bin door, the delivery of the ribbon according to the manual installation.The paper bin door is on the side, and there’s a USB port.Load the paper box with the photo paper facing up and slide the paper box into the groove of Hanyin Xiaohao CP4000L.On the back are the power supply interface and Micro USB interface, turn on the power and start the machine, and install the paper box bin.There are two connection modes, WIFI direct connection and LAN connection.LAN connection requires a router at home. After opening APP, select LAN, wait for Bluetooth to search for “PRT-XXXX” device, and input hotspot password for network configuration.LAN connection is stable and supports multiple devices, suitable for home use.Network, wait for Bluetooth search “PRT-XXXX” device, enter the hotspot password for network configuration.LAN connection is stable and supports multiple devices, suitable for home use.”Device, enter the hotspot password for network configuration.LAN connection is stable and supports multiple devices, suitable for home use.But I personally think the WIFI hotspot connection is the most convenient, mobile phone Bluetooth search “PRT-XXXX” device, you can print pictures after successful connection.If in the outdoor outing, travel, this kind of connection can take pictures and print in real time.APP function options interface, picture, puzzle, video, certificate four ways, mobile phone photos at any time to print, and “Han Yin Mei Zhao” APP, also support filter and cropping.The first print is yellow, the second print is red, the third print is ready, the whole process is 1 minute, very fast.A jigsaw is a combination of several images, up to nine, printed in six different formats. Each image can be adjusted independently to adjust the filter and rotation, as well as the width and color of the border.You can drag the progress bar left and right to capture the video with a maximum length of 15 seconds as AR material. The captured video can be printed and played when the software scans photos after printing.In this way, the video will appear, in this way to record the interesting things during the trip, the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, or the baby’s growth process, the production process of each food, how memorable, how interesting.Want to recall the time, as long as there is a mobile phone scan, pictures change video seconds.There is no need to go to the photo studio for the certificate photos. The CP4000L can print the conventional size of one inch (22*32mm), one inch (25*35mm), one inch (33*48mm), two inches (35*45mm), two inches (35*49mm) and passport visa.Summary Hanyin Xiaohao CP4000L photo printer is compact and convenient, easy to operate, and convenient to use. The printed photos have high definition and rich colors.Also comes with film, can waterproof, dustproof, anti-fingerprint, to meet the needs of life.Support bluetooth connection, photo printing process is simple, suitable for a wider range of venues.As for supplies, I looked at the next pack of ribbon + three packs of camera paper is 99 yuan, which is more than one photo.Although not as cheap as online washing, but so many one-time washing, there is no demand for that.But it’s much cheaper than a photo studio, and you can print at home with your own hands.The overall effect is satisfactory.

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