What else do you study in college besides major courses?

What else do you study in college besides major courses?I also take elective courses.Apart from specialized courses, universities also set up many elective courses, so students can choose courses according to their own interests.Such as psychology, economics, photography courses, minor languages, programming languages, animation design, computer languages, art music, fine arts, etc.Nevertheless the university or professional class is the most important, cannot put the cart before the horse.Study these electives while learning your major well.What are the electives worth taking in college?1. Psychology.Learn to look at people is very important, even if later improper psychological consultant, understand a little psychology is still very necessary.Psychology is divided into many kinds, even if learn some basic, plus daily training, basic daily enough, this is especially important for the future, learn some not to lose.If you want to be a photographer in the future, then you have to choose photography courses.After all, photography is not only about technology, but also the corresponding aesthetic, which can be cultivated slowly, but it takes a long time to accumulate.It’s a good idea to start in school.3. Animation design.Need to apply to the operation of software, the current development trend is still the Internet, so this is actually a solid technology.If you can’t rattle off a mouthful, learn something technical. After all, the purpose of studying is to make a good living.And if you lay this foundation well, it will be much easier to learn other software, because software has a lot in common, some functions are basically the same just changed the name.People who want to work on the Internet in the future should consider this course.

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