After watching the national football match last night, Sun Haiming disease again

After watching the game last night, Sun Haiming fell ill again.Before 6 a.m., he came to my house and banged on the door like crazy.I was afraid to open the door in case he did anything else, so I called his parents to get rid of him.He was in my class of 2014.He failed to graduate from high school because he was mentally disturbed by playing football.At school, he always thought he was cut out to play football.He told me he could put the goalkeeper into the net with one kick.I told him, you are 16 or 17 years old, missed the best age to practice football, play nothing, or good study.Instead he went on foot to find a professional football team.His parents searched for him all day and all night and found him on the way.Diagnosed by neurologist, Sun Haiming suffers from slight mental illness and illusion.I heard him Shouting at the door: “You say I can’t play football, why can’t I?Did those players play as well as I did last night?I would have made the national team if you hadn’t stopped me.You delay me, you are a sinner…”His voice faded away, and I knew his father was pulling him away.’Thou art a sinner!The remark stung me and left me momentarily stunned.Am I really holding him up?Maybe if he plays, you know?

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