Come to Chen Yun Memorial Hall, feel “mei” good time!

“Bao Jianfeng from honed out, plum blossom incense from the bitter cold.”Plum blossom because of its ling cold alone and “pine”, Comrade Chen Yun most favorite “bamboo” and called “three friends of old cold” in Chen Yun memorial hall plum has quietly climbed on the branches incense floating Auspicious tiger spring together to experience this “plum” good time!Plum blossom variety color is various have deep red, pink, white, yellow and so on between shades, each have charm “makeup point” in the black brick of jiangnan culture black wali become silent winter in a bright color added a festive spring warmth “qiao also do not contend for spring, only the spring to report.”Winter comes and spring comes, the old and the new look mountains and rivers, clear and clear wish there are gullies in the heart, inching forward together to the future!Information: Chen Yun Memorial Hall Editor: Wu Yijing

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