Gongyi city leaders to carry out Spring Festival visiting activities

On the afternoon of January 26, Deng Yingwen, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, went deep into xiaoyi street in the snow to visit the distressed Party members, workers and the affected people, and sent them the care and warmth of the Party and the government, gifts and money, as well as festival greetings and New Year’s greetings.’How are you?How many people are there in your family?”…Beaten in xiaoyi street village party member zhao village of love, lime difficulties Zhang Baoyu home of party members, and old people to Lao deng English homely, cordial and inquired about their health, life and the existing difficulties, thanks to a whole for contribution to the city’s economic and social development, and told the related department to care for a whole, help them to solve difficulties and problems encountered in the life,To ensure that the elderly enjoy a happy and healthy old age.At the home of Bai Bingzhi, a poor worker in Longwei Village, Deng Yingwen had a detailed understanding of their life and income, and told relevant departments to learn more about the demands of the production and life of the poor people, implement various assistance policies, and ensure the basic life of the poor people.Subsequently, Deng English also came to the lime village affected people Liu Youlin home condolences, asked to understand their disaster, life, encourage him to firm confidence, believe in the party and the government’s care and help, will overcome difficulties.At the same time, he asked relevant departments to pay close attention to the lives of the affected people and help them solve practical difficulties, so that they can truly feel the care and warmth of the Party and the government, and have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Source: Gongyi Rong Media Center, author: Liu Mengmeng, editor: Yang Ruirui

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