Jilin!Ji Lin

My home in Jilin City, Jilin Province, to be exact, is nearly ten years of home in Jilin City.I went to college in Jilin City, and then I went to work in Jilin City. Therefore, I have lived in Jilin City for 20 years. In a few days, it will be my 40th birthday!So, half of my life belongs to Jilin City!I just want to say now, Jilin city, Jilin City!Because I grew up in the countryside, and later transferred to the city to attend the middle and high schools, so for the university, came to Jilin City, I really feel that Jilin city is so prosperous.In particular, Jilin City fengman area, is jilin city people said jiangnan, that is really, wide streets, shady lines, birds’ chatter and fragrance of flowers, rime wonderland, as if oneself into the modern city, let me a rural child, feel that this, is the big city!I still love Jilin City. It may be a preoccupation, but I think most of the reason is because jilin City at that time is not closed at night, the scenery is one person, the landscape is the same, let a person forget to return!Through the country so many cities, I only love Jilin City!Later became a home, home, installed in jilin City!Finally, I felt relieved that this was the only city where I could get rid of my childhood nostalgia and live in peace.Later later, Jilin city changed, slowly become not so beautiful mountains and water, not so closed at night, not so let me linger!Now, in 2022, although I also sprout the idea of leaving Jilin City, but I can’t bear to!Or maybe it’s because they’re too poor to walk!But I know, even if I left, my heart is still in Jilin City!Because I was young dream is, in the City of Jilin Songhua River, put a huge five words “I love Jilin City” to my hometown, my Jilin City, after the baptism, can get better and better!

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