Membership benefits!Free entrance fee!Weekend leisure, with children to pick strawberries

Every year after the Spring Festival, what we look forward to most is not blooming but picking sweet strawberries.Hand-picked, close to nature!The roof is covered with green vines, the bottom of the red fruit is supermarket, market to buy strawberries do not have a fresh experience!”Henan Autonomous Driving Tourism Association” fan member welfare This Sunday, strawberry picking activity can be free into the garden (details see the end of the article) for you to unlock the sweetest way to eat while tasting the freshest taste while feeling the “berry” good pastoral scenery!Enjoy picking: the strawberry garden is big, sweet and delicious. Let the children pick enough at a time to experience the hard work and feel the joy of harvest.Strawberry varieties here treasure, milk, tianxian drunk, xiangye and other several varieties, fragrance, a big sweet, pure natural pollution-free.As soon as you enter the strawberry garden, the sweet fragrance of strawberries comes to your nostrils.Carrying a small basket in the garden looking for the largest and best strawberry pick, like treasure, the children are most happy ~ dew stained with strawberry fruit, crystal clear, gently pick one, put in your hand, just like a magic ruby, even if you do not eat, look very comfortable.If a bite goes down, the instant between lips and teeth fills the air with sweet taste, and the air is dense and sweet.Fruit!Juice!It’s very fragrant!Nutritious!Healthy and organic!Strawberries grow well under the protection of farmers. They follow the natural cultivation method, so that every mouthful you eat is healthy. This strawberry garden can be taken to Zhengkai Avenue and south to jianye Film Town.After many investigations, the strawberry base around Zhengzhou, the price is basically from 30 yuan to 60 yuan this interval, and enter the strawberry garden to charge a certain fee.After negotiation, we have secured super cost-effective fan benefits for everyone!All members and fans of “Henan Self-driving Tourism Association” can enjoy the welfare of free admission to the park!And!!!The harvest price is much cheaper than the market!(market picking price 30-60 yuan per catty) car friend price 25-35 yuan per catty different varieties of price limit reported 20 cars!!Time: This Sunday, February 20th, place: Zhongmou strawberry picking garden, one kilometer away from Zhongmou Expressway (see green code of journey at high-speed station)

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