Nine guidance groups in Wuhan went to the fields to start the post-snow agricultural anti-freezing action

Hubei Daily news (reporter Li Xianhong, correspondent Ye Daojian, Wang Lu, Chen Xueying) On February 7, Wuhan started the agricultural anti-freezing action after snow, sent nine guidance groups, rushed to the fields, to check the snow disaster, guide agricultural production.From February 6 to 7, after the snow warning was issued, the Agriculture and Rural Bureau of Wuhan City and District dispatched personnel overnight to timely release the disaster warning and self-rescue technical service information and arrange technical personnel to provide technical service through SMS, QQ and wechat groups.Nine steering groups were set up on July 7 to launch an anti-freezing action for agriculture after snow.The guidance group went into the fields to inspect the base facilities and the affected crops in the fields and gardens, and guided the owners on the spot to carry out the work of snow removal and disaster prevention, scaffolding reinforcement, shed film replacement and anti-freezing and anti-soiling of crops in the fields.Wuhan asked all districts to strengthen the awareness of disaster prevention and reduction, clear snow on facilities in time, and guide producers to hurry up to harvest ripe vegetables.We will guide the strengthening of crop field management and do a good job in crop insulation and moisture reduction.At the same time, we will actively organize agriculture-related insurance companies to do a good job in survey and damage assessment, settle claims as soon as possible, and help disaster-hit farmers resume production.It is understood that Wuhan has 540,000 mu of vegetable gardens, with more than 7,000 tons of vegetables collected daily, which can meet the supply of the city’s vegetable market.

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