The singer who seems to be in a hot mess has no decent masterpiece. Why is it popular

The “representative work” here refers to the classic songs that can be accepted by the public and widely sung. In this way, unlike the simple and crude brainwashing songs, the songs should be fully produced and have certain emotional expression.Many popular stars often appear in the award ceremony, although famous, high popularity can not say a decent masterpiece.In 2020, the song “Point of Light” became the first Chinese digital single in terms of sales volume and sales volume, reaching 33.33 million and over 100 million yuan in its 94 hours online.However, the huge sales figures make people doubt. The data shows that the same fans repeatedly buy the song, and the fans spend irrational money, which makes the public unable to understand, and does not make the song become a classic.In 1998, fan Kaijie’s young man recited “I Once” : “I once broke an entire mirror, and the pillow at night was full of tears.”Fire, his song with emotion, vicissitudes of life makes people think he is in his early 40s.When he was 18 years old, his songs had been played more than one million, and his collection was even higher. At that time, Jay Chou’s collection was only over 3 million, while Fan Kaijie’s collection was over 6 million.He is popular with 5.8 million followers, but his songs are mostly about vicissitudes, loneliness and mediocrity, which makes it hard for the public to accept.The routine of Hua Chenyu like a ghost: crooning + high-pitch +rap permutation and combination, at the same time with weird gestures, as well as the intoxicated expression, passers-by crazy ridicule and speechless.In 2013, the song “No Words”, also known as “Mars Language”, on Happy Boys led judge Shang Wenjie to say bluntly: “I think he is a genius.But CAI Guoqing, another judge, said: “You are either a genius or a fool, but with Shang wenjie’s persistence, you were finally elected.”Judging from the sales in 2020, there are still many people who like Hua Chenyu, but those who can remember him cannot remember his songs.For example, shen Teng was asked to name three of Hua Chenyu’s songs during the many issues of Ace in the Hole.Shen Teng heard this question but was very shocked, leng is a song name did not say that Shang Wenjie is already a mentor level on the presentable masterpiece?Can only say that there is no, she is taking the front line, when the streets are full of popular singing network hits, she is taking the electronic music route, Shang Wenjie once said bluntly: “I want to be a singer, but more want to be a pioneer in the singer.”After a few albums, his popularity continued to wane.With no public appreciation is no flow, in the recent “flash band” two teams are not to, can be seen, Shang Wenjie has no prestige.There are Liu Yuning, Pan Wilber, Zhou Shen, Feng Moti…And so on, although the reputation is very big, but speaking of magnum opus really no what!The reason they remain popular can only be explained by the large number of loyal fans.

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