Wang Shuxian poetry | memories never look back, acacia alone people thin

Music: Gao Shengmei – laser golden song (eight) “Drunk red makeup, Zhang Xianpu” words/Wang Shuxian taoyuan encounter red lotus.Thin clouds are wrapped with thin willows.Ordinary makeup powder is very fluid.Eyebrow show, smile smile.When the shape engraved heart.Hate today, far chang ‘an.Moon wu Ti frost full, according to the jade case, recall the past.Ci Lin Zhengyun seventh flat leaning west building, Wei Yanwen spectrum word/Wang Shuxian jade case dust note read again.You remember the first time we met in spring.Chrysanthemum fragrant xie never return, heart like broken zheng fly far.Geese to echo not pass, a few degrees of autumn wind sad picture fan.Ice wheel hanging magpie bridge, tonight dream, please long hair wan.Ci-lin Zhengyun seventh oblique “drunk red makeup, Zhang Xianpu” word/Wang Shuxian breeze drizzle diffuse west bridge.Water rippling, willows dancing.Recall the spring met A Jiao.Red flowers qiao, green branches sash.Leisure according to the case to recite Li SAO.The moon is shining, the mountains are far away.In the dream, when you are back, the transom is over the stern of the boat.The eighth chapter of the poem Lin Zhengyun ping “Intoxicant Spring, Qin Guan Spectrum” word/Wang Shuxian apricot fragrance outside the courtyard full sleeve, there are li Crying willow on the embankment.Look at the old scene, fold dust paper, tonight and add solitary wine.The past never look back, alone acacia thin.A bit of reading, people points crazy, do not return how to solve acacia buckle.Ci Lin Zhengyun 12 oblique “Leaning on the West building, Wei Yanwen spectrum” words/Wang Shuxian sleepless day is about to dawn.I looked up at the window and the stars dwindled.Recall the former matter cu mei Mountain, yan to goose echo broken.Often dry sake drunk order, candle shadow shake red luxury dream is good.Lilac everywhere who knows, long leaning on jade sigh old.Ci Lin Zhengyun eighth oblique poem “Memory of jiangnan, Bai Juyi Spectrum” CI/Wang Shuxian After parting, the four seasons become cold autumn.Jade case to find the old dream, candle tears Yan Liang sorrow.Fate cannot be desired.A section of cloud in Wushan, Tang Zhaozong.Book word long sigh sentence sad, recall yesterday tears cheeks.It’s sweet to carry a harp.Tonight the golden bottle alone swallow.A cold bed spills quicksand.I only dream of your family.Linzheng rhyme rhyme “wushan a section of cloud, Tang Zhao spectrum” word/Wang Shuxian looked up far away from home, lonely shadow long.Moon sneaks into the sandalwood bed.Too bad it didn’t work out.Red paper is old when people go away.Wild goose across the west building empty again.A curtain of dreams into the night, date till dawn.Linzheng rhyme rhyme “Wushan a section of cloud, Tang Zhao genealogy” word/Wang Shuxian pharynx woebrows lock, fragrant cheeks Jade dew full.In accordance with the stop long sigh goose sound.Hate jun forget once.Heart changes after a few years.To see tonight dream short.Dressed cowardly standing tall, looking at the boat.The word forest is rhyme change rhyme “fold dangui, wang’s path spectrum” word/Wang Shuxian spring to embroider household prosperous flowers.A bird’s feathers turn over the wind.Wind chimes pleasing side head to listen to, the old place, that year.Apart often dream qingqing.There is no answer to the call.Before the order zhu build all over lilac, stand for a long time, lute whole.Wang Shuxian, a native of Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, is a poetry lover.Like to use beautiful words, smooth express ordinary life.The copyright belongs to the author

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