Boss CAI’s heart is bleeding!Soha’s future with Harden is falling apart after less than two seasons

If in a month ago to discuss the NBA championship, the brooklyn nets is naturally the fans and the media are at least in the top three in the heart of the super team, Owen returning (at least for first away game), with durant, Owen and harden the big three nets plus the strength specialist, the nets will once again to the championship.Accidents will happen, however, on January 16, the nets pelican team home game against New Orleans, the team’s star Kevin durant was brown, lead to a sprained left knee medial collateral ligament, he will be at least another 4 ~ 6 weeks, no doubt this is a huge blow for the nets, after all, the state of New York and epidemic prevention policy still not let go,Irving is limited to road games, and Harden is injured.With Durant injured, the Nets were without their leading scorer, but with Harden and Irving leading the way, the Nets didn’t have fans or media worried about their playoff position when Durant was injured.Falling as the team record, however, media reports harden in brooklyn unhappy, for Owen can only play on the road “part-time” player identity confusion and discontent, on determination of the rotation Nash never depressed, especially the big three combination together from much less, which greatly increased the difficulty of his pursuit of a championship.In today’s team to continue in the game against the Utah jazz, after the nets has a six-game losing streak has proven this little most nearly 30 points behind, and harden is to play the game not in led Owen alone obviously also plagued by a team at present all sorts of rumors, poor performance, 20 shot only six of only 15 points.Actually was king in the nets away on a reversal, harden’s performance is very bad, he is only 2 of 11 shots got only 4 points, this also created his career more than 30 minutes scored lowest embarrassing record, so far the various trade rumors surrounding hadden also blanket coverage by the media out again,Maybe this time around a trade for Harden will most likely happen before the trade deadline!In about a year ago (on January 13, 2021), harden in a great deal involving four teams were sent to the brooklyn nets, he want to go and nets in order to get harden is almost do everything we can, spindle, the future of seven seasons picks (three first-round draft picks directly + four first-round draft picks to swap),Plus three good regular rotation players in Jarret Allen, Tayshaun Prince and Karutz.For the nets, the lack of an inside player, Allen has now become one of the absolute core of the Cavaliers, and he will most likely help the Cavaliers into the Eastern Conference playoffs again in four years.In his first season with the Nets, he played 24.6 points, 8.5 rebounds and 10.9 assists in 36 games. He played 36.6 minutes per game, the most among the Big Three, while Harden, who had a high attendance rate with the Rockets, suffered numerous injuries in the second half of the Nets.In the eastern Conference semifinals of the playoffs, he was forced to play against the Bucks with a broken leg, but eventually lost the final game and missed the Eastern Conference finals.Harden’s overall form so far this season has been so-so and his game has been up and down, which has made the Nets’ regular-season performance against strong teams extremely poor.Harden has been frustrated by coach Steve Nash’s inability to settle on a consistent rotation throughout the season.With Durant on the sidelines, Irving on the road, and the Nets not looking like a championship-contending team at all.Harden also sent a message last offseason when he refused to sign an early contract extension with the Nets, saying he would wait until the Nets finished this season to make his decision.If the Nets continue their slump, they could be in playoff trouble.After losing their seventh straight game to Utah, the Nets moved to a half-game lead over the seventh-place Toronto Raptors and four games over the 11th-place Washington Wizards.If they fall to the play-offs, it’s really doubtful, and if the Nets don’t make a change, they may not make the playoffs.With the Nets in dire need of a change, the Sixers have seen the light of day with simmons.According to reports in the US, the Sixers and Nets will launch a trade for Harden and Simmons next week, but the Nets are in a completely passive position to trade Harden, and it’s very difficult to use Harden to recover the multiple picks they gave away in the past.It’s only been a year since James Harden was acquired in a soha future trade last year, and the team has just come out of the shadows of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in a soha future trade a few years ago, and now this is going to be another one?The only hope for the Nets is durant, but he will also enter the end of his career after repeated injuries in recent years.

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