Donkey meat shop graduate school bag once worked

In order to seek improper benefits, a gang made a promise of training packages, recruited dozens of candidates to take the postgraduate entrance examination, charged each several thousand to tens of thousands of yuan, and then organized them to cheat in the National postgraduate entrance examination in December 2020.Seven defendants were sentenced to prison terms ranging from three years and six months to suspended sentences for cheating in exams, according to a first-instance ruling by the Changqing District People’s Procuratorate in Jinan, Shandong Province.Wang Yu is a senior examinee. His demand for the postgraduate entrance exam and anxiety before the exam were accurately captured by big data.Then, an online AD popped up on his computer: “National postgraduate examination, 7 days crash, package you pass, but refund!”Wang Yu according to the content of the advertisement, added wechat called “low-key small” customer service.Chat, “low-key small” told him that as long as the cost of fifty or sixty thousand yuan, the test package has no problem.See Wang Yu some hesitation, said to the convenience, “send your registration information to me, I give you to sign up, Ji ‘nan postgraduate entrance examination pass rate is high, we give you pay two months in the local social security, arrange a virtual work unit, you can test in Ji ‘nan.”Then, the Wang Yu that prepares for an examination eagerly offered his identity information to its.In December 2020, the national Postgraduate Entrance examination will be near.”Low-key small” wang Yu as soon as possible to ji ‘nan to attend the pre-test training, the location is located in the “Donkey shop.”When they arrived at the training site, “Low-key Little” gave Wang Yu a machine similar to the size of an eraser and a piece of “clear white paper”. Li Daxiao, the trainer, explained how to use the machine and conducted on-site tests, so that everyone could master the method of receiving information and filling in answers.”We’ve been to the test site countless times, and half an hour after the test starts, the answers will be sent to the machines in your hands.”On the day of the test, Wang yu brought the machine into the examination room.When he took an English exam, he found the questions difficult and decided to use the machine.In the interval of copying the answers, the invigilator found the machine that Wang Yu was hiding in his sleeve.The invigilators registered Wang’s name, ID number and university, declared that he had cheated and took him away from the examination room.Four radio receiving devices disguised as erasers were found on the spot and reported to police.Later it was discovered that another 9 examinees were caught using the same cheating method.Jinan public security authorities quickly set up a task force to investigate and collect evidence. Later, police arrested the four suspects in a hotel in the city.On the same day, other members of the gang gave themselves up under pressure.After the trial, Li Daxiao and others organized dozens of candidates in 19 provinces and cities to participate in the 2020 national postgraduate exam cheating.Subsequently, the task force police followed suit and arrested yi Jun, a criminal suspect suspected of introducing the purchase of cheating equipment and providing answers to exam questions, in April 2021.In this case, Wang Yu and others because of cheating in the exam, resulting in the exam subject score of zero, was recorded in the examinee integrity files, reported to the Ministry of Education for the record, suspended to participate in all kinds of national education exams.The court heard that Li Daxiao and other 7 defendants organized cheating in the national examination stipulated by the law, the circumstances are serious, their behavior constitutes the crime of cheating in the examination, criminal punishment should be imposed in accordance with the law, the court made the above judgment in accordance with the law.None of the seven defendants appealed the verdict in the first trial.(All the participants in the article are pseudonyms) (Source: Procurator Daily by Lu Jinzeng, Wang Yunwei and Yu Mei)

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