Eighty year-old woman accidentally swallowed chicken bone risk died, changde city four hospitals opened the life channel to turn the tide

On this day, Grandma Ding ate at home, accidentally swallowed the chicken bones, Grandma Ding felt particularly uncomfortable stomach, very uncomfortable, so the family quickly sent Grandma Ding to the emergency department of the Fourth People’s Hospital in Changde city.An initial examination showed that the chicken bone ding had accidentally swallowed had scratched her intestine, causing perforation. At this time, Ding developed fever, abdominal pain and abdominal muscle tension, which are typical symptoms of peritonitis.In addition, Ding herself suffers from uremia, congenital kidney and liver cysts, and her condition is very critical.Time means life, time and life a race the prelude has been opened, chang DE city immediately open a green channel, the fourth people’s hospital will directly from the emergency department patients with the first time into the operating room, by general surgery ward, director of the physician Han Jiping personally the butcher, chief physician Zeng Bin assistance, downward in general anesthesia laparotomy + small bowel resection + + abdominal cavity drainage, cleaning intestinal anastomosisThe operation lasted for 2 hours, and the patient, Grandma Ding, was transferred to ICU for treatment. After two times of bedside hemodialysis and nutritional support treatment, Grandma Ding finally turned the corner, and her vital signs returned to normal and safely returned to the ward.After the removal of the chicken bones after a general surgery ward of the medical staff of the care, Grandma Ding indicators stable, at the time of discharge, the family excitedly said: “Fortunately, Director Han, the mother from the brink of death saved back, really thank you!”Han Jiping, director of the warm prompt: the elderly gastrointestinal smooth muscle tension is abate, intestinal wall thinning, with the increase of age, the old man’s intestines and stomach function is declining, direct or indirect violence, are easy to cause gastrointestinal perforation, rupture, so must pay attention on diet, for the old man, not suitable for old people to eat food don’t eat as much as possible.To have a correct diet, eating must be chewed slowly, so that food in the mouth to get sufficient grinding cut, and mixed with saliva, so that can reduce the burden of gastrointestinal, make food easier to digest.When eating hard-core food, such as fruit stones, fish bones, dates, etc., we should pay attention to the elderly or children around us. If foreign bodies are found swallowed, we should send them to the hospital in time for medical treatment.It is reported that the first ward of general Surgery is a clinical key department integrating medical treatment, scientific research and teaching.The department now has 2 associate chief physicians and associate professors, 2 chief physicians, 4 attending physicians, 1 deputy chief nurse, and 9 intermediate and junior staff.Among them, there are 2 masters of medicine and 6 bachelors.It is the only unit of Changde health system that has been awarded the “Youth Civilization” of district, city and provincial level.The department has three professional groups: gastrointestinal surgery, abdominal hernia surgery and anorectal surgery.There are 60 hospital beds, and the department has a group of experienced and skilled medical staff, equipped with advanced diagnosis and treatment equipment at home and abroad.Timely and standardized diagnosis and treatment of common and difficult diseases in gastrointestinal surgery, abdominal hernia surgery and anorectal surgery.Can carry out gastric cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer radical surgery, various hernia repair and hemorrhoids, fistula and other operations.In recent years, laparoscopic minimally invasive techniques have been widely developed in this department.At present, laparoscopic hernia repair, appendectomy, gastrointestinal perforation repair, intestinal adhesion release and abdominal exploration have been routinely carried out.Laparoscopic radical resection of gastrointestinal tumors is gradually mature and popularized.The general department treated more than 2000 patients and performed more than 1500 surgeries.The department took the lead in floor to carry out the holistic nursing mode ward, promoting the hospital overall nursing in full swing, patient-centered service concept deeply in the heart of the medical staff, the general medical staff by the exquisite technology and high spirit of wuxi, good professional ethics, warm and thoughtful service for the patient’s praise and repeatedly been rated as advanced hospital departments,Gastrointestinal surgery medical treatment, scientific research, teaching level into the province’s hospitals at the same level of the advanced ranks.Source: Changde Fourth People’s Hospital

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