Lianyungang guanyun: “Good people’s Power” shining on the front line of COVID-19 fight

On the morning of March 13, Wang Shihua, wife of “model of the people” Wang Jicai, national “model of The Times” and honorary director of The Kaishan Island Militia Post in Guanyun County, came to the Convenience service Center of Yanweigang Town to donate money to fight the epidemic.Lianyungang city since the outbreak of the epidemic, Guanyun County began a war of resistance to the epidemic.All kinds of moral models and advanced models of “good people” and “the most beautiful” at all levels of the county carry forward the “good spirit”, take the initiative to take responsibility, give up the small family to care for everyone, and fight for the victory of the epidemic in the way they can, becoming an important force for joint prevention and control and public governance.”Chinese good man” group: we are all volunteers, willing to contribute to the fight against “epidemic” “Chinese good man” “Running brother” Shi Dongliang, his job post is in guanyun County experimental primary school nursing post.On March 8, he took the initiative to apply for duty at the entrance of dingdong River Bridge in Nangang Town to check vehicles and pedestrians, register information, check the temperature of drivers and passengers, guide and persuade them to return, and strictly prevent the importation of COVID-19.He works more than 10 hours a day, leaving the responsibility of taking care of the family to his wife so as not to interfere with his work.Shi Dongliang checks more than 70 children who were stranded in school due to the epidemic at the checkpoint.Wang Ying, a “good Man of China” and director of the Yihai Education Center, led the “mother team” to implement epidemic prevention measures one by one. Sometimes, they arrived at the nucleic acid testing site at more than 4 am and waited in line.In view of some children’s restless psychology, she and her colleagues do psychological counseling one by one, with the children to play games, changing patterns to make delicious meals for the children.”In 2020, I once led a team to overcome difficulties and build the first county/district PCR laboratory in The city, laying a solid foundation for nucleic acid testing.As a medical worker with rich experience in nucleic acid sampling and testing, I cannot shrink away from the epidemic no matter what difficulties I encounter.”After the outbreak of the epidemic, Zheng Jing, the most beautiful medical worker and head of the sampling group of Guanyun County CDC, gave up her vacation voluntarily despite her pregnancy of more than 8 months. She was on duty 24 hours a day, arranged the sampling work of close contacts and sub-close contacts throughout the county, and was responsible for dispatching and guaranteeing the materials needed by the sampling group.Her legs and feet were so swollen in the third trimester that she could hardly turn over at night, but she kept working.Best medical workers Zheng Jing in scheduling and epidemic prevention materials Wang Shihua (right) contribute to the county disease resistance line on the morning of March 10, one best worker, county ZhuangShiJu epidemic emergency special inspection members, his colleagues with inspectorate in south supervision inspection points of 204 national road plate pu bridge traffic control, are cloud nine in rural shandong jining people are puzzled,”We have no place to live. We can only live in our car. We can’t go back to Shandong.”He and his colleagues took the initiative to understand the situation, timely coordinated and successfully helped 9 migrant workers to return home.Zhuang told reporters, “The epidemic prevention and control supervision work can also be humane and warm.””In recent days, moral models and ‘good people’ have been fulfilling their mission, raising the temperature of the fight against the epidemic with love, and spreading positive energy to the society.”He Yunsheng, director of the county government, said the county government, is calling for the county at all levels of each kind of moral models, “good people” “the best” advanced by typical active prevention and control, compulsory publicity and coordination of materials, various forms, such as donations exceeding the orderly participation in epidemic prevention and control work, making aid outbreak on the line, the force of example, with practical action to gather the current difficulties of strong positive energy.Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu news reporter Zhang Lingfei correspondent Xia Xingjian Bian Xiaomin Feng Erlei proofread Su Yun

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