Meteorologist Zhu Kezhen what is the idea that everyone can be good?

Zhu is famous meteorologist in history in China, especially in the education work, then put forward the “they can get good” philosophy, and to apply this idea to the actual running process, in order to zhejiang university governance, and became one of the famous colleges and universities now, then they can get good ideas are embodied in his life and work.Zhu Kezhen was a doctor of meteorology from Harvard University. In 1936, he was appointed president of Zhejiang University by Chiang Kai-shek. To become president of Zhejiang University, two conditions were required: one was a clear vision and the other was a related academic background.From resistance at the beginning to all-out efforts in the end, Zhu Kezhen really made people realize what responsibility is during his tenure as president of Zhejiang University.In zhu Kezhen’s education philosophy, he believed that there are two kinds of feelings in the world, one is love and the other is hate, and whether love can overcome hate is the fate of human beings.He believed that the education concept of benevolence should be promoted, and the idea and confidence of “everyone can be good” should be upheld. Under this concept, Zhu Kezhen not only needed to stop the students’ parade, but also needed to take students to the streets to fight against the police. In this situation, zhu Kezhen still did not give up his faith despite his pain and confusion.Under the influence of Zhu Kezhen’s idea that everyone can be good, Zhejiang University developed very fast.After zhu Kezhen left Zhejiang University, he still helped the development of zhejiang University.Throughout his life, he believed that love could triumph over hate, that goodness was available to all, and that the education of love should be taught in universities.What are of zhu zhu achievement is the first generation in the history of Chinese to study abroad in the United States at public expense talented students, is also the Chinese outstanding scientists and educators, is one of the founders of modern Chinese geography, he founded the first geography in all of China’s university and the central meteorological institute, the institute also once served as 13 years of zhejiang university President,Zhu Kezhen is also respected by later generations as “one of the four presidents of Chinese universities”, who made great contributions to China’s education.But zhu also so much more than above, zhu in 1931 when I was instructed to direct the work of several scientific elders for field observation, he selected 9 kinds of plants and 21 kinds of animals, closely observation, published “on the new enveloped”, after he and his companions not only summarizes the theory of the phonological aspects, also created a new Chinese phenology of course.Zhu achievements include his contribution to the agricultural science, as early as in 1922, he published a paper entitled “meteorology and the relationship between agricultural academic papers, it was later academic papers by later praised said even now the research achievements of this paper is not fault, still walk in front of the world of academic research,Zhu Kezhen was also received by Chairman MAO Zedong for this paper.Zhu achievements in one of the biggest is the phenological study he created the new China, he was the creator of the phenology the subject, he from a very young began to record the daily weather change and phenological status, 1963 also wrote the book “the phenology, the book widely available to the public on the phenology of knowledge, advocate adjust measures to local conditions,Arrange farming activities according to the rules of various crops.Zhu excessive work hard is the story of zhu study hard too hu shi zhu ke-zhen did evaluation, hu shi’s second half sentence is he must live but twenty years of age, and hu shi last mistake, however, although zhu worked really hard, also once in order to study and work harm the body, but zhu finally live longer than hu shi,He even saw the founding of new China and the liberation of the people.Actually said hu shi zhu study too hard is to see his work state, zhu was very like to read books as a child, when the children are playing in the yard of the same age of zhu was reading in the room, zhu’s mother worried about his son’s body was once used to accompany to learn ways to urge of zhu go to bed early, but the smart of zhu deceived by her mother to go to sleep,He often got up before dawn to study. Because of this, Zhu Kezhen was very weak and his bones looked very thin.Zhu also to the work after graduation to work in their full of blood, he is a Chinese phenology, founder of the subject is also China’s first generation of geology as the master, when he started meteorological institute academia sinica often don’t go home for a long time, once had tired to pour on the job, this is he of zhu study too hard.But apparently of zhu study too hard also brought him much in return, he had published “on the new enveloped”, several leading scientists together summed up the experience for ancient phenology, also suggested that the central leader in a new way for Chinese phenological observation, then smoothly established China’s first department of geology, university of all.Well today’s article is over here, like history and real estate knowledge friends, you can pay attention to small armour, will update the article every day oh ^_^

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