Missing 14 days niu Aifang update, pig disgust face audience, small chunhua abdomen flat has been unloaded

Some time ago, Niu Aifang couple overturned things on the Internet made a boiling uproar, two people have been on the Internet for their own clarification, but no effect.There is no way, two people can only invite the media, through the way of interview to wash their own, but did not expect to be stabbed back.Niu Aifang couple said in an interview, two people’s “rumors”, are from the same village of a net red mouth said.After the incident was exposed, the online celebrity contacted the reporter directly, saying that he did not lie, let the reporter come to the village, he told him the matter.Reporters again came to the village of Niu Aifang, the villagers of the same village and the network red interview, exposed the truth of niu Aifang real network red farmers.It is estimated that when they saw the interview, they were completely confused. After Posting the last video on 13th of this month, they completely disappeared from the Internet and never updated any video.On January 27, 2022, niu Aifang and his wife finally renewed the update after 14 days.Video style and before there is no difference, Niu Aifang couple back to the old house, a family cook pig food, ready to feed pigs, Niu Aifang to the pig food to a big close-up, really disgusting bad many netizens.Which have clap video to come up to the pig food big clap especially clap, this is not obviously deliberately disgusting netizen?In addition, Niu Aifang killed a pig and brought it back to the new house to eat during the Spring Festival.On the same day, Xiao Chunhua cooked a dish of fried liver at home, and the family returned to the table and had a reunion dinner.This video is no different from the previous one. Niu aifang and his wife did not explain what they did during the 14 days they disappeared, as if the 14 days did not exist at all.The most interesting is the stomach of small spring flower, now the abdomen is flat, it looks like there is no different with pregnant.Before disappearing, little Chunhua’s belly was at least bulging, not like now, no trace, many netizens questioned whether little Chunhua had been unloaded.However, in the video, we do not see the second child of Chunhua, and if the child has been born, it will be a long time.The young spring flowers in the video are very lively and do not look like they have given birth.Some netizens speculated that chunhua was not pregnant at all.Some netizens said that if there is no pregnant, then after the October pregnancy, small chunhua how to explain to the netizens?It’s very simple, and the best thing to do is to keep quiet and pretend it never happened.This is the strength of Niu Aifang and small chunhua, for all kinds of black material online, two people shut up, still update their own video every day, as if these things did not happen.Time heals everything, and after a year or two, the Internet will naturally forget about it.Personally think, before the cow aifang couple has not overturned when, through this method is likely to wash their own, overturned, afraid is no chance to cover their essence of play.After all, there’s not a single video out right now, and there’s not a single video out there that doesn’t have people criticizing them in the comments section.As long as they keep Posting updates, people won’t forget about the rollover. How could they?Want to come back without explaining?If you have anything to say about this, please leave a comment in the comments section.

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