On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Chen Duoping, secretary of the District Party Committee, sent them New Year’s greetings

Say a New Year’s greetings and send a blessing for the Year of the Tiger.On February 1, the first day of the Lunar New Year, Chen Duoping, secretary of gaoping District Party Committee, led a condolence team to visit and comfort the personnel on duty of some organs and units who were on duty at the front line during the Spring Festival.Luo Jialing, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee, attended the visit.”Hard, ON behalf of the district committee to visit you, I wish you a happy New Year, auspicious year of the tiger!”In the district committee duty room, district Committee confidential room and other places, Chen Duoping extended cordial greetings to the personnel on duty, and inspected the district committee organs on duty.He pointed out that the district party committee is responsible for uploading, distributing, supervising and handling important tasks, and is the benchmark and model of all departments in the district.During the Spring Festival, cadres of district party committee organs should take the lead in setting an example, taking the highest standards, the highest requirements, the most strict discipline, and do a solid job on duty during the festival, to promote the orderly and efficient operation of the work.Came to the district party compound door post room, Chen Duoping to stick to the staff on duty here to send sincere New Year’s greetings.It is hoped that the staff on duty will continue to stick to their posts, strictly follow the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control and safety management, and do a good job in checking, registering, and safety inspection, so as to ensure the normal order of district party committee organs.When visiting some front-line journalists of the Media center, Chen Duoping praised their hard work.I hope that in the New Year, we will always adhere to the correct political direction and public opinion orientation, speed up the in-depth integration of media, closely focus on the “1336” strategic deployment of the District Committee, closely follow the two key points of news publicity and news supervision, and make every effort to convey gaoping’s voice, tell gaoping stories, and build gaoping’s image.For the construction of “city gateway, forest city, dynamic gaoping” to contribute more financial media power.Condolence, Chen Duoping pointed out that the Spring Festival is a reunion time, but also a key moment to test the style of work and dedication of cadres.Cadres at all levels should stick to their posts, strictly observe the work discipline, do a good job on duty, make every effort to promote the implementation of various work, and make every effort to maintain overall social stability and stability in the region.In particular, we need to focus on key tasks such as epidemic prevention and control, workplace safety, and forest fire prevention and fire fighting, firmly guard the bottom line and red line, create a stable and peaceful atmosphere during the festival, and exchange the hard work of officials for the safety and happiness of the people.Gaoping District Rong Media Center reporter: Yang Qiaoling reports

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