People from all walks of life in Qianxi have donated over 10 million yuan for epidemic prevention and control

Hebei News Network (Hebei Daily reporter Liu Yutong correspondent Gu Dapeng) “I am a Party member, epidemic prevention and control needs me to stand up!”On March 23, Liu Wenfu, an outstanding CPC member, deputy of the Provincial People’s Congress and secretary of the Party Branch of Tiemenguan Village, Luanyang Town, donated 5.02 million yuan to the county’s epidemic prevention and control work.Over the past few days, people from all walks of life in Qianxi County have donated money and materials in various ways, including on-site donations, online payment and mobile code scanning, to actively contribute love and strength to epidemic prevention and control with practical actions.By 5:30 PM on March 24, the county had donated 11.07 million yuan.It is reported that the county’s four leading groups lead by example, the county party secretary took the lead in donations, the county all party and government organs cadres, ordinary party members actively participate in the action of love to highlight the political nature, to fight the epidemic contribution.Enterprises have also taken actions to demonstrate their social responsibility.Hebei Ruizhao Laser Remanufacturing Technology Co., LTD. Party Secretary, Chairman Han Hongsheng donated 2 million yuan to the county epidemic prevention and control headquarters, Qianxi County Manxing Mining Co., LTD. 1 million yuan, Qianxi County Zhongxing Mining Co., LTD. 2.1 million yuan, Qianxi County Longjing Guan Great Wall Tourism Co., LTD. 2 million yuan…In the vast rural areas, grass-roots party members have also given love to gather epidemic prevention forces.Yang Xiusheng, secretary of the Party branch of Fanjiayu Village, Luojiatun Town, donated 30,000 yuan to the town’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters after arranging nucleic acid tests for five consecutive days with more than 140 villagers.Chen Yukum, party secretary of Yangjiayu Village in Hanerzhuang Town, conscripts his daughter to donate 5000 yuan to the County Red Cross.It is understood that the donation will be made voluntarily and according to one’s ability. The Red Cross Will transfer the donated money and materials to the emergency Support group of the county epidemic prevention and control Headquarters for deployment. All donations will be strictly managed and used for the front-line epidemic prevention and control work.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.

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