Although the baby can’t speak, but they will “gesture”, understand the meaning of the mother seconds

This article is originally created by Huya mother, welcome to forward and share the baby who was born with a cry. A little action is worth thousands and thousands of words, and it melts the hearts of parents.Many parents treat infants with their own understanding, but every action of the baby has his content to express, not the baby’s random.When the baby has not yet learned to express their emotions in language, parents should judge the needs of the baby by the baby’s body changes and facial expressions.Many mothers said that since they had children, they have automatically changed into “Detective Conan” and would not “let go” of the baby’s slightest movement.Body language is the baby’s usual language. Only by understanding the real intention of the baby, interpreting the expression content of the baby’s body language and choosing the most reasonable solution can we make the road of parenting smooth and safe.Two days ago, I went to my friend’s house to pay a New Year’s visit. My friend’s baby was more than five months old, and it was very lovely.When I talked with my friend, I talked about my child’s allergy. My friend said his child was allergic to milk protein. I didn’t know that every time the child drank milk, he would shake his head, push the bottle by hand, and spit milk after drinking milk.My friend thought that the child was uncomfortable with the bottle, so he would have some actions when eating milk. The bottle was changed one after another, and the final examination found that the child was allergic to milk protein.After the change of sheep milk powder, the child will obediently drink milk.Don’t look at a few months of baby is small, although not language expression, but it does not mean that they can not express, they will use their own way, tell parents their feelings, but is ignored by some careless parents.Common several baby “small movements”, parents want to understand 1) hand action rubbing eyes: if the baby before going to bed habit to touch the eyes, suspected eye rubbing action, indicating that the child is sending a “sleep” signal.If parents miss this signal, the baby may start crying and be very difficult to soothe.Hand clap head: if the baby appears to touch the head action, may be the head eczema, the baby issued “uncomfortable” signal, parents should pay attention to.If the baby is used to beating the head after half a year old, and exclude the possibility of eczema, may be affected by vestibular development, this time the baby is not only beating the head, but also the situation of shaking the head.If the child is beating the head with strong crying, parents also pay attention to, it is best to take the baby to the regular hospital to check some, to rule out other possibilities.Clenched fist: this action is often the most common performance of the baby within a hundred days, after a hundred days will gradually let go.The tightness of the fist is also the signal of the baby. If the fist is tightly clenched, the baby may be hungry or uncomfortable. If the baby is relaxed, the state of the fist is not tight.Kicking: There is a Chinese idiom “dancing and dancing” to describe a happy state.If the baby is not crying, waving arms and kicking, the mouth also issued a babbling sound, the baby is now happy.But if the baby makes a “screeching” sound or cries while kicking, the baby may be throwing a tantrum or asking for help. This is when parents drink to see if the child is hungry, urinating, pooping, etc.Crouching legs: some babies can’t help curling up their legs when they are crying, or even curling up their whole body. At this time, the baby is passing “uncomfortable signals” to parents. Parents should pay attention to whether the baby is accumulating food and flatulence.Foot biting: When your baby is about six months old, it will appear to be foot biting. Many parents will think that your baby is sending a “hungry” signal, but it is not.The truth is that the baby is exploring the world, and the first step in exploring the world is to start with himself. Parents must not disturb him.When the baby appears in these movements, the baby is uncomfortable, parents should be alert to 1. Fist clenched, all over the body, limbs curled up when the baby has this action, and non-stop crying, the baby may be experiencing intestinal colic, you can try airplane hug, if relieved, it is intestinal colic.If not, seek medical attention as soon as possible.If the baby is lying on the bed with enough to eat and drink, the action appears. The baby may be flatulence, and you can try to pick it up and clap the hiccup.If the baby is always like this, it is necessary to start from the diet.3. Carp fight, lie back and do not sleep, holding also make, this situation may be the child calcium deficiency, if this for a long time, or to go to a regular hospital to see.Every baby is the cutest little angel in the world, and of course every once in a while it can turn into a little devil.Parenting on the road may be difficult, that a pass chuang, each other grow, each other warm.

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