Xiangxiang City Wulin agriculture: visit the disabled sincere care warm hearts

January 25, the winter rain with a bit of cold, this day just happens to be the north of the Little Year, the traditional Spring Festival is coming.In the morning, Tan Xianghong, the head of Xiangxiang Wulin Agricultural Development Co., LTD., drove to zhangjiang and Xinan villages of the office together with the director of xiangxiang Dongshan District Disabled Persons’ Federation to visit the disabled in need and send them care and warmth.We know that In Xiangxiang City, Wulin Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is a local ecological aquaculture leading enterprise, its special aquaculture from the propagation, self-rearing, self-marketing of the dragon industry chain led xiangxiang and surrounding Ningxiang, Shaoshan, Shuangfeng, Loudi and other places more than 300 poor households, including more than 60 disabled households out of poverty;Wei Wulin, the person in charge of Xiangxiang Wulin Agricultural Development Co., LTD., has won honorary titles such as “Model worker in Hunan Province”, “The most beautiful poverty alleviation figure” in Xiangtan City, and “Outstanding Communist Party member” in Xiangtan City. While developing, the company carries forward the spirit of public welfare, fulfills the social responsibility of entrepreneurs, and has been engaged in public welfare for 10 years.On holidays and World Disability Day, company leaders will visit lonely old people and poor students and send daily necessities to disabled families.Especially in recent years, the company sent eggs and other condolent materials to more than 300 elderly people over the age of 60 in Dongshan Street, Zhangjiang, Xinan and other villages on the Double Ninth Festival, which won unanimous praise.Ten o ‘clock in the morning, came to the xiangxiang Tan Xianghong dongshan office visit new limb disabled Liu Shengjia shore village, she will love and love supplies oil is carried into his hands, and told him in the work at the same time, good family, in the morning, the Huang Kuilin, FanAiQing five difficult families of disabled persons, and bless their family have a bright New Year.Ms. Tan Xianghong has always treated the disabled and the poor as his relatives. Every holiday, she would visit their homes and comfort them, which has been praised by the residents.She discussed with Zou Xuejun, the director of Dongshan Street, that next year she would invite more caring people to join in the charity action, so that one more person can help more people.She also said that in the New Year, she will continue to help the needy, and will continue to love.As a new member of the CPPCC, I will fulfill my responsibilities and add luster to the CPPCC members.

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