Fangshan Veterans Affairs Bureau: Create a new situation of high-quality development of veterans affairs

In recent years, Fangshan district has always adhered to the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the work requirements of the Municipal Committee. Under the premise of normalizing epidemic prevention and control, the whole district has made concerted efforts to overcome difficulties and comprehensively coordinated epidemic prevention and control and economic and social work.This issue of New Era of endeavorBeautiful new well achievement report content is fangshan district veterans affairs efforts to create a new situation veterans affairs work high quality development zone in 2021 general secretary of veterans affairs seriously implement the jinping on veterans work instructions instructions spirit to improve the political stance, deepen the ideological understanding strengthening organization and leadership, strictly implement policies and comprehensive compaction work responsibilityPromote the successful completion of the work the mission objectives 2022 veterans affairs will further strengthen the work in the district as a whole the ramming foundation, perfecting the operating mechanism to advance the work efforts create a new situation veterans affairs work high quality development in 2021, the area of veterans affairs insisting that veterans service management work into the important agenda,We will make unified planning and deployment, carry out comprehensive and coordinated efforts, and ensure that all policies are implemented and effective.We will continue to improve the division of work, implement the system of territorial responsibility and level-by-level visits, ensure that the affairs of ex-servicemen are supervised at every level and everything is questioned, and promote the all-round development of all work.We will steadily move forward with the transfer and resettlement of demobilized soldiers, and do a good job in the insurance and reintegration work of demobilized soldiers.The adaptability training of retired soldiers will be completed to effectively improve their ability to integrate into society.We made solid progress in the work of giving tribute to special forces, completed the quality improvement and renovation project of the Pingxi Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall with high quality, completed the project evaluation of the quality improvement and renovation project of eight martyrs’ memorial facilities, and completed the data verification of more than 1,400 martyrs’ English directory system.Extensive patriotic education has been carried out, and commemorative activities have been organized in the Pingxi Martyrs’ Cemetery and the Pingxi Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall, such as qingming festival sweeping and 9.30 memorial.The electronic archives of pingxi Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall and pingxi Anti-Japanese War history database will be established to fully display the history of pingxi Anti-Japanese War.We will continue to promote the management of military retirement services, consolidate the achievements made in the establishment of “double support”, do a good job in supporting the military, and actively solve the problem of “three post-servicemen”, so as to create a strong atmosphere of “double support”.We will continue to improve the community-level service system, accelerate the development of the service and security system for ex-servicemen, and continue to build the “Capital Veterans” brand.2022 veterans affairs in the district will be fully ready for the party’s construction and over veterans of each work best veterans information to register and courtesy card issuing work thorough development “shuangyong create work give full play to the martyr memorial facilities patriotism education base of fangshan district all martyrs memorial facilities repair perfect work JunXiu cadres should be continued for three yearsThe handover work conscientiously completes this year’s military transfer cadres and retired soldiers to accept and settle the work to continue to improve, enhance the construction of retired military service system to improve the quality and level of service

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